If you’re anything like me, then you think that zombies absolutely rock. Sure, they’re scary and sure a zombie apocalypse would suck…but still. And, anyway, preparing for the worst case scenario is never a bad idea.

That’s exactly what the Zombie Combat Zone¬†allows you to do, while also putting a fun twist on things. It is the adventure experience of a lifetime, open from mid September to late November just outside of Vancouver at the Panther Paintball Field, right in time for Halloween.

Basically, what happens is this: you are given a paintball gun and set loose in a wooded area with several ramshackle buildings. A group of actors are dressed up as zombies and act like zombies. But these aren’t your run-of-the-mill zombie costumes. They actually look like real zombies and the costumes are actually designed by local special effects master Ron McCall, who has incidentally helped out with a handful of big-budget horror films.

The entire experience runs through a sort of scripted scenario. You are briefed at the beginning by a military expert who explains that a group of scientists are frantically looking for a cure for the zombie plague. Your mission is to make it to the other side of the playing area without being killed by a zombie and being turned into one yourself. The experience runs for an average of 45 minutes. I hear it’s pretty hard to survive the whole time.

Needless to say, I know what I’m going to be spending my money on come Halloween. If you love zombies, then you have to check this experience out.


  1. This is a lie, the experience does not last 45 mins, and they rush you through it (false advertising from the company). Bad reviews on facebook have been deleted because there were so many (cannot review on the company now, tells you a little something about the company).


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