With so many different brands and designs on the market today, it can be hard to find a solid pair of simple snowboarding goggles. Back in the old days, goggles had few purposes: they kept your eyes shielded from the elements without fogging up and without otherwise blocking your lines of sight. Today, it seems like the bulk of goggles around are loaded with features that, while they sound cool, don’t really do much. That’s why I love the Beefy Goggles from VonZipper – they’re simple, functional, and durable. Nothing fancy about them.

The first thing to keep in mind when it comes to the VonZipper Beefy goggles is that they are designed for a medium to large face. If your face is on the smaller side, then you should probably keep shopping. The goggle’s large size also makes them perfect for snowboarders who wear helmets on the daily.

One of the first things that jump out about the VonZipper Beefy goggle is its looks. Instead of adopting the flashy space-age look of many other goggle offerings, the Beefys are, like mentioned above, simple. They look like they would have been in style ten years ago (though they still incorporate a few key new features). The Beefys come in a variety of simple colorways including black, white, orange, yellow, green, and blue.

The key features that I mentioned above mostly have to do with the Beefy’s lens. Lens technology is streets ahead of what it used to be and the Beefy takes all of these changes to heart. The lens is dual cylindrical polycarbonate with 100% UV protection. They are also anti-fog and anti-scratch. And when they say that these guys are anti-scratch, they mean it. I’m tough on my goggles – I just throw them in the van and go – and my VonZipper Beefys haven’t suffered a single lens scratch yet.

VonZipper’s Beefy goggles are some of my favorite goggles ever. Though goggle technology is constantly changing, I tend to find myself staying with the familiar and the simple – the Beefy. Grab a pair of these guys for $65 and you’ll be set for a great season of snowboarding.



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