Retailing at $850, the Voile Artisan Splitboard is a low-cost but strong bet in a market where splitboards regularly run for $1,000 or more.

Obviously, price isn’t the only factor to consider when buying a new snowboard, and a board that runs for $850 better be a solid performer all the way through anyway. The Voile Artisan Splitboard is just that. It’s a directional twin board with an innovative rocker/camber profile. Better yet, the folks over at Voile absolutely loaded the board up with little finishing touches. And all of this is in addition to its already excellent overall design and top-quality construction.

Let’s start with the Artisan’s rocker/camber design profile. It’s a completely unique board design that incorporates rocker into the board’s overall shape. The camber is actually slipped in right underneath the bindings. The rocker/camber profile boosts the Artisan’s ability to perform well in the untouched powder, mazes of trees and craggy rocks, and other extreme terrain that the backcountry is known for by giving the board excellent float and control. The Artisan is also a top performer on firm or manicured snow with the camber piece of its design giving it excellent pop while keeping things stable with superior edge control.

Too many of the splitboards on the market today compromise the basics in return for something that can more easily be hauled into the backcountry. Not the Voile Artisan. While it works just as well as any other board on a hike through heavy powder, the Artisan actually performs nearly the same as your normal high-quality snowboard on any sort of terrain. A full aspen wood core keeps the board light, springy, and strong. Interior and exterior sintered UHMW sidewalls are some of the board’s most under-appreciated characteristics but are essential to its incredible strength and flexibility. Furthermore, its sintered base keeps the board from getting banged up while also providing a hellishly fast ride. Yeah, this board is an animal on the mountain. The sintered base is also highly wax absorbent so you can spend more time out in the powder than in the back of your rig doing maintenance.

The Voile Artisan also comes stocked up with a good bit of handy hardware. It includes touring brackets, durable slider tracks, dual-height climbing wires, and binding shims to improve uphill skinning. And when you do reach the top of the mountain, it only takes a few minutes worth of tinkering before you’re ready to head back down (though, if you’re like me, you might need a little longer to catch your breath). Finally, Voile’s universal slider track is compatible with almost every type of snowboarding boot on the market today.

If you want to ditch the ski area or resort this season, then opt for the Voile Artisan Splitboard. It’s less than the price of a season pass at the mountain, is easy to haul around, and will get you to where the truly great snow is located.


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