Types Of Longboards

Longboard is an expanded version of a skateboard. The length of a longboard is high compared to that of skateboard and so it can be used for gaming purposes. Further, these boards are also used as sports equipment in various places.

These longboards are high-quality boards that can be used in various climatic situations and environmental conditions. Further, the longboard can be classified into various types based on the need, functions, and uses. 

Types Of Longboard

The longboards are a useful device that can be used and operated based on the need for the user. There are various types of longboards and these types are classified based on the wide variety of functions and uses. Some important bases that the longboard can be classified are listed below.

  • Based on function
  • Based on shape
  • Based on style of deck

Based On Function

This is a board category in which the longboards are classified based on the functions. Various styles of longboards determine the uses on the boards in various places. The uses and features of various styles of longboard are given below.

1. Downhill Longboard


The downhill longboard is a type of longboard that is designed for downhill riding. These longboards are designed with finest quality materials so that these longboards can be operated under hard and hazardous situations.

Mostly all the problems faced by the longboarders while moving downhill is eliminated completely. Further, the speed of the board can be controlled by the user, and so the user can turn it in any direction as per as the need of them.

In addition to this, the longboards are equipped with perfect rear and front, so that the stability of the device can be maintained constant for a long time. The wheels of these longboards are durable. They are designed especially for moving down in a smooth and effective direction.

2. Drop Through (Free Riding)


Drop through is a useful type of longboard that can be used for relaxed longboarding. This longboard has a simple design so that it can be used even in the streets. These longboards are designed stylish and they can be sued constantly for a long time.

The specialty of drop through longboard is the stability. Both the wheels of the longboard and the board are designed with high-quality materials. Since the stability is high, the performance and safety of the longboard are also high compared to other types of boards.

As this longboard offers complete safety, it does not mean that you should avoid safety features. Some important safety measures such as helmet, arm and knee pads etc; should be used while boarding in a longboard.

3. Carving Longboard


The carving longboard is one of the sports longboards. Generally carving is considered as a sports longboarding in many European and American countries. The important specialty of this longboard is that it can be used by all the people with highperformance.

Unlike downhill and drop through longboarding, the carving longboarding is specially designed and use as a fun feature in many places. The carving longboarding is an easiest longboarding technique and so many beginners start their training with carving.

The important feature designed within the carving longboarding is the speed control. With carving, the speed control function of the longboards can be analyzed easily by the beginners. Hence, with carving, the beginners can easily move on to other models of longboarding. The wheels and the boards used within the carving longboarding are specially designed to offer a higher level of comfort and performance to all the users.

4. Cruising Long Board


Cruising longboard is generally a short distance longboard that helps you to enjoy riding. This longboard ensures a fun feature in riding, within a small region. Usually, these longboards are used for enjoying riding within the mall, shopping arcade etc.

These longboards can be also used by the beginners so that their experience and performance in longboarding can be increased. Further, it also helps the beginners to learn to control the speed and direction of a longboard in crowdie places.

Cruising longboard also offers exceptional stability o all the users and so, cruising can be done with perfect balance and enjoyment. This longboard can be even used by the kids with high performance and efficiency.

5. Bamboo Longboards


Bamboo longboards also come under the types of longboards because they offer super convenient uses to all the users.These longboards are made from bamboo woods so that they offer higher flexibility with the super convenient feature.

Further, these boards are designed lightweight, so that even the kid can use this board with higher performance. The lightweight feature also increases the speed of the device. These longboards are portable and they can be carried easily to various places, hence that can be used in tourist places and even for picnics.

Apart from the super lightweight feature, the bamboo woods are made out of superior quality and so various tricks and tips while using longboards can be easily understood while using these types of longboards.

6. Hybrid Longboards


The advanced form of all the longboards is the hybrid longboard.These longboards travel faster with advancements in their wheel and in the board. The wheels have cutouts with it. These cutouts are used for the high performance of the board.

Further, the break in the board can be applied instantly with the help of the wheel. The stability level offered by these longboards is also high. This stability ensures safety to the users. In addition to this, the user can easily take sharp turns and quick twists with this longboard. Even the new tricks can be done easily with this longboard.

Based On The Shape Of The Board

Based on the shape of the longboard, the longboard can be broadly classified into two various types. These two types are effective and the operation of these two shapes is different compared to other means.

1. Pintail Longboard


The pintail longboards are designed with the inspiration of surfboards. They resemble surfboards, but they are not used for surfing. Further, the pintail structure keeps the central region broader compared to the nose and tail.These types of longboards are generally used for carving activity.

As these boards have sharp tail and nose, they can be used for riding in a unique direction for a long time. The balance offered by these boards is high compared to other boards. With this, the user can take even the sharp turns with high performance. The stability offered by these boards is very high and so the safety features offered by this board is also high.

2. Fishtail Longboard


The fishtail longboards are considered similar to that of pintail longer boards, but the design of the edges varies. The fishtail longer boards have pointed nose with the split tail region similar to that of fish. Mostly all the types of longboards are designed with fishtail feature because they look attractive.

Many crusier and mini-crusier boards are designed with fishtail longboards because it offers a throwback in the classic surf style. This board offers higher stability and so it can be used even by the beginners.

3. Blunt Longboard


Blunt shape is most widely designed in longboards that offer higher durability and stability. The blunt design in longboard can be formed just by blunting the sharp nose and tail part of the pintail longboard. Since these boards offer stability, beginners can use this board to increase their performance.

This board cannot be used in sharp turns and so hill riding is not safe with these boards. In addition to this, larger wheels are used with this board. These wheels add higher stability and so longboarding in this board offers safe experience to all the users.

4. Mini Crusier Longboard


The mini crusier board is the smallest form of a longboard. Many people refer this board as a compact crusier board. The length of this board is only 33’’ in length; whereas the other longboards are above 45’’.

The stability of mini crusier board is very low and so it can be used only by the advanced and experienced longboarders. This board offers an adventurous ride to all the longboarders. Further, these boards are lightweight in nature and so it is portable.

5. Twin Longboard


The traditional design of longboards designed especially for multi-directional street skating is the twin skateboard. Further, the design was extended with its width and so these boards are referred as twin longboards. The design of the twin board is attractive and it is designed with curved nose and tail structures.

The stability offered by these boards is higher and so it can be used for professional riding. Sharp cuts and sharp turns are also possible with this device so that this longboard can also be used for downhill riding. Further, the wheels are operated in a smooth manner and so advanced tricks can be performed easily with this device.

6. Cut-Out Longboards


The cutout longboards is also an advanced longboard that is designed attractively with wheel clearance. The cutout longboard is designed with a wider base and completely narrow edges. The edges in the longboard have immediate cutout feature to become narrow. So these boards are commonly referred as cutout boards.

In addition to this, the functions of this board are similar to that of drop through boards and the stability offered by this board is high compared to other. These boards are generally used in many freestyle riding and downhill riding.

7. Speed Longboard


The speed board is also a high-performance longboard that is designed for operating at high speeds. The speed boards offer maximum stability to the users and so the user can ride at various speeds with high safety features.

The speed longboard has a sharp tail region and the nose is blunt. Further, the width of the board varies based on the edges; hence the performance offered by this board is high compared to other means.

Based On The Style Of Deck

The next important classification of longboards is based on the style of deck. There are various styles of the desk and the styles add high performance to all the users. Some important styles of the desk are listed below.

1. Double Drop

The double drop is a style of longboard that is mainly used by hill riders. These longboards are generally designed advanced from drop through longboard and drop deck long boards. The important function of this longboard is the speed. The speed of the longboard can be controlled easily because the center of gravity of the board is very low.

2. Drop Through

The drop through longboard is a simple longboard in which a base plate is placed simply upon the wheel. The important function of this board is that it can be operated at high speed with easy control options. Various styles of riding can be performed with this board. This board also has speed control feature with it.

3. Drop Deck

The drop deck board is also a style of board that is commonly preferred over drop through the board. The design of drop deck board is attractive and the stability offered by this board is high. These boards are commonly used by the beginners to learn longboarding.

4. Top Mount

 Top mount longboard is also a high-quality longboard that is commonly used by the people of all varieties. This board is mounted completely top of the wheel and so the stability of the board is high. This board can be used safely in various shopping malls and on the roads. This board can be even used by the beginners because they can learn longboarding easily with these boards. Further, this board can be even used for hill riding with some useful safety measures.


The above mentioned are various types of longboards used in the various places. All these types are useful and they offer a happy longboarding experience with various fun features. So try experience high performance in longboarding, select a perfect longboard based on your need.

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