One of my favorite summertime activities is camping. But I can’t/don’t want to always bring a tent along, especially if I’m just going on a one-night trip.

Luckily, there is truck camping. I have a nifty little Ford Ranger pick-up truck with a six-foot bed and a camper-top rigged with a similar set-up as the one in the photo above. I have a sleeping platform with a comfortable sleeping pad. The platform is designed with plenty of storage space below for my cooler, cook stove, gear, etc. My favorite thing about this is that you can get done going hard all day (biking, climbing, hiking), throw your dirty gear underneath, and crawl into bed – no set-up or hassle is required.

Though truck camping is far from spacious and luxurious, it’s catching on. Check out this link for some truck camping 101 or this one for instructions on how to build a sleeping platform for your truck.

Have you ever camped in the back of your truck?


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