A new ski accessory out of Germany not only transforms your style, it transforms your face. D3fect’s protective facemasks provide a barrier from wind and blowing debris while giving you a totally new look.

At some point within the past few years, accessory manufacturers have realized it’s possible to offer on-mountain face protection without the “amateur bank robber” look. You can look something akin to Darth Vader with the Talus Cold Avenger or dress your mug in all kinds of wild designs from Airhole. Your options are close to limitless.

D3fect builds upon creatively styled facemasks with a full-face design. Not only do its masks cover your throat, mouth and nose, they keep going right up to your lower forehead, with just two small eye slits to let you see. This design not only provides fuller protection from the elements, it transforms your very identity. D3fect’s designs include everything from jungle animals to Jesus – you’re probably a different beast on the slopes, now you can let everyone know.

While D3fect’s are among the most whimsical and memorable facemask designs we’ve ever seen, it appears like they may cut your vision. Not only do we anticipate that the apparent lack of mouth/nose holes will cause fast-and-furious fogging, but the small eye cut-outs may interfere with peripheral vision. Also, you’ll have to put your goggles on over-top the mask, which may cause additional fit and vision problems. We’d suggest demoing a D3fect on the mountain before committing to it as your windy-day facemask of choice.

[youtube id=”HXaKoewa1wI” width=”450″ height=”260″]

D3fect plans to hit the expo show circuit this winter to launch the masks. It’s signed up for Munich’s ISPO show in February, but doesn’t mention whether it also plans to stop by the SIA Show in Denver. They may be Euro only for the time being, but you can sign up for more information at d3fect.me.

Whether or not they perform as good as they look, they should make for a fun accessory for après ski parties.


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