Ever fancy doing something a little bit different?  How about a spot of SWAT training deep in the English countryside?

Wish.co.uk Experience Days offer a unique day of action, where you will learn to act as a team and perform many real life SWAT team scenarios, with a trusty replica paintball gun to help you get your point across to the bad guys (you didn’t think they were going to give you a real weapon did you?).

  • Spend time on the firing range
  • Clear a building of insurgents
  • Avoid live enemy operatives who will be shouting, shooting and throwing things at you
  • Anti ambush drills
  • Rescue team members
  • Good guys – US Army M4 Carbine
  • Bad Guys – AK47 assault rifle
SWAT Team ready to go
SWAT training
These are clearly bad guys

This is more awesome than paintball and brings back memories of drunken nights playing Counterstrike.  With an uber realistic environment and great tactics training, it is going to be a great day to remember. Teams are 12 a side and the cost is a mere £59 of your UK Pounds ($90).  Go go go….



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