No Grip Tape Skating

Skateboarding with no grip tape

You know how hard landing¬†your tricks on your skateboard normally is. Now imagine trying them without any grip tape on your board! That is exactly what the guys at Major Crew did and it didn’t look easy. Once there game of SKATE gets going though, the guys start to get the hang of the no grip tape thing. Check out their awesome video below:

Chocolate Skateboards Welcomes…Jerry Hsu

Jerry Hsu is one of the best (and not to mention most “Internet famous”) skateboarders around. For years he has been ripping it up for Enjoi Skateboards.

But Jerry’s made the big decision to switch teams. In this little video, the Chocolate Skateboards team welcomes him aboard. The video in itself, while corny, is worth a watch.

Now, here is hoping to a new Jerry Hsu video part soon!

Opening Day at Mt Bachelor Bike Park

Long heralded as one of the Pacific Northwest’s greatest ski and snowboard destinations, Mount Bachelor and its Mt Bachelor Ski Area (just minutes west of Bend, Oregon) ¬†has finally finished its long-anticipated downhill bike and skills park.

Even though the warm weather months are quickly coming to an end and snow is on the horizon, I thought the new Mt Bachelor Bike Park was worth a nod.

The park closes on October 13th to make way for a new and exciting season of winter sports, but if you can head out before then, it’s definitely worth the trip.