“The best place for extreme sports online, period.” That’s how Stoked frames its objective of attacking the Web with the hottest action sports film and content available. The young website is the ultimate destination for action sports fiends of all denominations looking to live vicariously through others for a few minutes (or hours) of their days.

Stoked is truly all-encompassing in its action sports focus. Instead of zeroing in on a single sport or category, it keeps the field wide open. Visitors will find everything from parkour to big-mountain snowboarding – hell, there’s even a section for breakdancing. The site treats you to the full gamut of what gets you stoked, and maybe some things you never even expected to get stoked on.

To ensure that the best content isn’t hard to find, Stoked uses a rating system that lets viewers rank videos and photos with a simple “stoked” thumbs up or “choked” thumbs down. Pull up the home page, and you’re automatically served the highest rated content. This way you don’t have to look far to find the biggest, baddest videos and photos.

The content in individually headed sections like “surf” and “BMX” is also displayed in order of ranking, so if you want to cut through the clutter and go directly to your stoke of choice, it’s still easy to find the best and brightest. You can also narrow the field down to videos or photos only.

Of course, as diverse as action sports footage is, passively viewing videos on your couch can get old. Eventually you have to get out there and live it on your own. Stoked keeps things interactive by providing the tools for you to quickly upload and share your own footage and photography. Whether you’re shredding first descents in the backcountry or perfecting a new skate trick, you can share it with peers from around the globe and see what they think. There’s also a blog section where you can spread your words.

Stoked rounds things out with forum broken down into specific sports and subsections. Here you can discuss sports in general, gear, videos and anything else that’s pertinent. Quickly connect with fellow enthusiasts, plan missions, share experiences, and make recommendations on gear, video, clothing and more.

Stoked.com is still in the process of getting things running full steam, but with great content and a simple, user-centric interface, we don’t doubt that it will soon be a bookmark of action sports athletes and enthusiasts of all types. It is sure to fulfill its mission of being the best of the best on the Web.

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