The folks behind Whole Larder Love know the importance of eating and using what the land naturally provides.

The blog itself discusses one family’s attempts at better using the things around them. It follows their adventures hunting, fishing, harvesting fruit and vegetables, and, of course, cooking it all up at the end of the day.

Even if you’re not a huge food junky or a stanch environmentalist, the blog is interesting to look through. The awesome info that is provided is paired with equally awesome pictures. Their ‘workshops‘ section is especially worth a peak. Basically, the family is now offering a sort of ‘living off the land workshop’ where visitors pay to stay in either a rustic B&B or a stable converted into a bunkhouse. During the course of their stay, they are taken on numerous outings and taught several skills (including mushroom foraging, preserving fruits and vegetables, raising chickens, and baking bread) through a series of workshops.

Simply put, it’s a wonderfully cool idea. And like I said, even if you know you’re never going to sign up for the experience itself, the blog is definitely worth a look. Serious camping vibes emanate from every part of Whole Larder Love and it makes me more than glad that there is still some summer left to get my hands dirty in the woods.

Check out Whole Larder Love’s workshop info for more details.


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