30 Reasons Why You Need a Longboard

Longboarding has already proven its stance in this competitive world by becoming more famous in the recent years. Kids feel very glad when they are able to ride a bicycle without any help. Such happiness is priceless and almost all of us would have such circumstances. Similarly, a teen would be happy when he/she drives a car without making a small accident and that makes him feel superior.

In the same way, when it comes to Longboard, people of all age can feel superior. What is that longboard brings to you unlike driving a car? Riding a longboard shall bring ebullient joy to you as they roll using your energy and stamina as its fuel. Moreover, turns and tricks are also done with your own energy and thoughts and this makes the exact difference between driving a car and riding a longboard. In this article, I have explained why you need a longboard and the benefits it can endure for you. Now, let’s dig into the article.

Longboards Are Eco Friendly

All vehicles in the world create some sort of pollution in the world. It may be in terms of smoke, noise, liquid effluents etc. But, longboards don’t create any of such pollutions because they don’t diffuse any sort of harmful substances into the atmosphere. So, they are highly supporting the nature and I suggest governments to maximize the use of longboards in their jurisdiction so as to improve the well-being of the environment.


When you travel in a car or any other motorized vehicle it is quite obvious that you feel very much confined to a very little place inside the car. You would feel relaxed when you step out of the car after a long journey. In other words, you don’t exactly like seated in a car for hours. Do you? But when you use longboards, things are reversed such that folks feel disappointed only when they come to the finish line. What makes folks enjoy? It is their liberty and freedom they feel from their inner heart and soul. Longboarders feel as if they are indomitable while they are busy with their boards. Such a feeling of relaxation is a mandatory requirement for anyone to keep one’s mind free from coagulating thoughts.

Longboarding Is Great Cardio

Cardio exercises are usually done to get a good amount of oxygen to the body and help in the proper functioning of the heart. Usually, people rely on the treadmills and rowing exercises to do cardio exercises. Even though folks start on the machine with a good mood, over time they start of pant and loose energy and finally they start to hate the machine. All you expect at that time is to complete your predefined time on the treadmill. On the other hand, when you use long boards to row for long distance you don’t feel disinterested and also you can also get the benefits that you get from normal cardio exercises.

Explore New Routes & Areas

Of course, today you have lots of tools like GPS to explore routes to different places. But, technological gadgets don’t work fail with the decrease in power. Imagine you are trapped in the woods with a dead smartphone.  How can you make your way home? But, practicing longboard makes you explore and take different paths to your destination thereby allowing you to picture the map of that region in your mind. Another feature which supports you en route is your friends who travel with you.

Gets Your Ass Off The Cough

Most folks after their regular work have nothing to do. They simply lie on the cot and watch their best TV shows and one day they become addicted to that habit. Those couch potatoes can get hold on to this longboard so that they get something interesting to do after their office hours.

Great Method of Transportation

This is one of the big challenges faced by all the people today. Since the number of cars has increased the traffic has also increased tremendously. On that account, there are many traffic lights installed for every hundred meters and these traffic lights are really annoying lights for the drivers. But still, they cannot be ignored for safety reasons. Drivers cannot drive their vehicles into small streets and find out a new road due to the huge size of vehicles. But longboarders can simply slide through the small spaces between the vehicles and reach out to their destination without any hindrances. Hope, that cute little board is not bad for transportation.

Improve Balance

Can you stand on a pipe which is just some inches in width? Some folks can, but not all can. For your information, the balance in our body is maintained by the pressure inside the ears. Folks who have enough practice on longboard develop a good scale of balance as they many tricks, jumps flips etc. and so their body gets adapted to such activities. Due to this adaptation, longboarders don’t skid or fall down that easily.

Eliminate Stress

All folks in this world have anger to one or the other person and in most cases that would be due to some official disputes. The sad part here is you cannot do anything to take revenge on them. At this juncture, you need to unleash your anger on some other target. I don’t advise you to kill another person. Just be optimistic. Take a longboard and go out for a rid; as you lose your energy your animosity towards that person also gets diluted and so, I believe longboard to be a wonderful psychiatrist.

Make New Friends

Making friends isn’t easy unless you have some sort of similarities with the other person. I am not talking about the similarities in appearance or education, but I am speaking about the interest and desire. Most folks out there are really very much interested in some sort of boarding like skateboarding, longboarding etc. If you also have some interest in working with these cute board you can also be a part of a big friends circle. This idea would work to you greatly if you shift your home.

Lower Body Strength

Most persons, who go to the gym, focus only on the chest, arms and shoulders workouts and they consider working out for the lower abdomen to be trivial. This is a huge mistake which can bring imbalance in the many aspects. How can you rectify that? Of course, you can do lower abs workouts at the gym, but it cannot be as enthusiastic as you go for longboarding. Since you travel on your body for a long time the entire weight of the body would be handled by your leg which is really a fantastic workout the lower abdomen.

The Adventure Of It

Today video games are pouring heavily into the electronics market and that also serves to be a great strategy to kill the time. Do you think they play video games just to kill time? No, video game enthusiasts have some sort of excitement while they play the game and they feel like detectives when they explore a way to reach the next level. That’s enough! Let’s cherish the true delight of your video game in life. Pick a longboard and start pushing it; you can really make adventures on the way while you travel long distances.

Longboarding Is Great For Fitness

Unhealthy junk foods are flowing into all the houses despite their harmful effects. To burn up the calories you need to find a way to do some sort of work. Let’s stop heading out to the gym and really find something interesting to do which would reduce calories. Longboarding is an efficient technique to resolve this problem. Longboard just for a week and you can see swift and astounding results in your body.

Longboarding Saves Money

Going to the gym, yoga, dance class, trampolines etc to keep you fit need tons of money. But still you keep going and I don’t understand why you people are happy to give away their money for lame reasons?  Moreover, transportation always requires money. You can simply discard all these unhelpful activities and head up for a longboard with which you can do numerous activities thereby saving a good amount of money.

Longboarding Saves Time

We all are very much acquainted with the quote ‘time is money’. True to that quote, longboards can be great equipment which can save you not just minutes, but hours. Folks go out for a run to keep them fit by losing enough calories and after that, they finish their daily routine and travel through the traffic for a long time and finally they reach their work spot. But a longboarder need not actually have the same timetable. He can simply get on the longboard and travel to the work spot because longboarding itself is a good workout thereby saving him a lot of time.


Rather than owning a car, I recommend working personnel to possess a longboard as they suit all ergonomic conditions without fail. There are also stylish longboards which you can carry to your workplace. If you are working for a company with great architectural features, then walking from one building to another would be annoying. To overcome such annoyance, you can simply use your longboard to move swiftly thereby making the longboard more ergonomic.

Incredible Portability

So far I haven’t heard about any vehicle which is portable. Of course, you can’t carry your car or bike to wherever you like. But, you can take your longboard with you just by keeping it in your backpack or by hanging on your backpack. When it comes to vehicle traffic, you don’t have to wait with your longboard in the traffic. You can simply walk away with the board and that proves the portability of the longboard.

Longboards Are Durable

Longboards are usually made up of pine and maple woods and so they don’t break that easily. Moreover, the manufacturers reinforce it with various solutions and coats which provide ample flexibility for the equipment. Recently, there are also plastic boards which are more convenient when compared to wooden longboards.

All Weather Useage

Not all materials at your home are all-weather products. The clothes, furniture, electric systems respond in a different way during winter conditions. Even your cars don’t start with a regular stroke. But, the longboards are entirely human-friendly and so they can be used at any weather regardless of whether it is raining, snowing or freezing outside.

Emergency Response (WTF)

Emergency situations can occur to anyone at any time. Due to the increased number of vehicles occurrences of accidents are more common. Sometimes, ambulances cannot reach the destination in the stipulated time due to heavy traffic. At such situations, longboards can be of great help to the victim, because they can travel faster than normal walkers.

OK… Let’s be honest here… That one was STUPID A F!

Improves Core Strength

You might have seen people longboarding along the road. They bent towards the front and they keep their body stiff to keep their body and board balanced. At that time, the entire stamina and the center of gravity come to the core region which sculpts their muscles and limbs. Therefore, longboarders don’t have to do separate core workouts as long as they work with the longboard.

Environmentally Friendly

All the fueled vehicles out there is really a good source of pollutants. They emit carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, hazardous air pollutants, etc. These chemical outcomes incessantly mix up with the atmospheric air and bring great harm to the ecosystem. Instead of using such deadly vehicle I recommend all youngsters and other able persons to prefer longboard in order make up an eco-friendly environment.

No Fuel Needed

All the system which works for the man needs some sort of fuel. For instance, take a gas stove, grinder, car, mobile, solar panel etc. All of them need a good amount of fuel to work efficiently. But, a multipurpose longboard does not need any sort of fuel to travel any distance. But, I hope you need some fuel to drive your longboard.

Improves Sleep

Some folks don’t get proper sleep at night even if they go to bed late. They can give the longboard a try because working on longboard burns up calories and makes them tired. Moreover, repeated flips and jumps using the longboards causes some pain in the muscles and joint at the beginning. As a result, they can get sound sleep which can’t even be given by a tranquillizer.

Great For Weight Loss

Obesity is one of the major issues which have been noted by the health departments of all countries. Also, there are obese persons who head up to the gym and fail without getting any results and finally, they end up with a gastric bypass surgery. Folks go for such operations are doing that out of ignorance. They can make use of longboards and they can reduce their weight considerably within months. But, such obese persons should not focus on speed, but they should target distance in order to get results.

Improves Decision Making

Although it sounds good, it is not an easy task to take a decision. Decision making has always been an issue in many multinational companies too. Not only in ergonomic situations but also in regular activities of life a person needs good decision-making ability. Such ability can be found brimming in each and every longboarder because by longboarding on regular basis they learn to take swift decisions as per the situations around them.

They Are Lightweight (Can Be Brought Anywhere)

When you get trapped in traffic with your car, you need to wait for a long time till the traffic gets cleared. But when you come across such a situation using a longboard, you can simply pick the board in your hand and walk away. Unlike cars, they are made up of wood or plastic and so lifting the boards shall not be difficult. Reinforced longboards have latches at the middle with which you can fold the longboard and keep it inside your backpack.

Improve Coordination

While longboarding, no rider would divert his attention from the seeing forward because even a slight distraction would make him topple from the board. As eyes, picks up the scene in front, all other body parts respond to the orders from the brain. When they get accustomed to this habit, they have sharp listening and focusing ability than any normal person would do. This ability increases the coordination of various organs of the body which is really an asset earned by longboarding.

Refreshes Your Mind

Hope I don’t have to write anything about refreshing and enjoying the life. Longboarding is very much like an eraser you use to rub unwanted stuff from the paper. With longboarding, you can get rid of clogging thoughts that burden you and it can help you to calm your conscience. You can also work better as if your refresh button has been clicked.

Tones your body

It is true that longboarding can tone the muscles and limbs of your body like a gym trainer. It makes your body like a sculpture by mitigating unwanted fat and also it tones your body to invite appeal from the other sex which is an enchanting experience.


Not all the longboarders can make it as their profession; only a very few persons can make through it. For that, they should stand superior to all other longboarders who compete with them. Such extraordinary folks can easily get their hobby as a profession which they can enjoy throughout their life.


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