2014 Salomon Salomonder Snowboard Review

Meet the 2014 Salomon Salomonder Snowboard and insert your own witty joke about snakes here. I’ve had a long day and can’t think of a witty amphibian/reptile (what even are salamanders anyways?) to describe this board.

What I can do, however, is tell you that the Salomonder, like nearly all of Salomon’s snowboarding wares, kicks ass. The official ride of Chris Grenier and Jed Anderson, you already know the board is awesome from the get go.

The Salomon Salomonder Snowboard has a very soft flex but comes equipped with No Chip Tips and an Aspen Strong core for extra durability and strength. These two features alone make the snowboard perfectly suited for rail-riding perfection.

Like many freestyle boards, the Salomonder comes equipped with a Super Flat profile. In fact, the profile is completely flat underfoot so that your ride is as catch-free and forgiving as possible. Buttery flex is the name of the game thanks to Biax glass and the Easy Press construction is yet another feature that makes the board incredibly durable, even when you are pressing as hard as humanly possible.

Though the snowboard has a very soft flex, it still features plenty of edge hold thanks to an EQ3 sidecut. Royal Rubber Pads are another key feature and dampen vibrations when the going gets icy and rough.

Few freestyle boards are as well-suited for jibbing madness as the 2014 Salomon Salomonder Snowboard is. If jibbing is your thing, then you’ll be pibbing (bad pun on pimpin’) on this board.

2014 Rome Butterknife Snowboard Review

With a Hawaiian-inspired graphic, you can bring a little summer to the slopes and get Lei’d with the 2014 Rome Butterknife Snowboard.

The boys at Rome have done it once again with the 14′ Butterknife. A freestyle snowboard through and through, it features a skateboard-like feel and design that makes it easy to maneuver and push to its limits. In fact, the board’s skate-feel is so great that it’s recommended you ride a version 1-2 sizes shorter than your normal stick. The deck is basically a jibbing masterpiece.

The Rome Butterknife Snowboard incorporates a SkateCore profile to enhance its “ollie.” The profile, which is narrow between the bindings but thick at the core, makes it feel as though you’re riding the board on a set of trucks – just like a skateboard. The ButterOut transition zones are extra long and also contribute to this loose, fun feel.

Glass impact plates are included underneath your feet to further increase the Rome Butterknife Snowboard’s overall durability. They protect the core from big landings and harsh impacts. The Impact base is also extremely durable and prevents the Butterknife from getting nicked up during your runs.

There are few snowboards out there that feel as much like a skateboard as the 2014 Rome Butterknife Snowboard. If you’re equally (or more) at home on the concrete as you are on the snow, then this snowboard is definitely for you. You’ll love its loose feel, its crazy snap, and its awesome “No Hang-Ups” profile.

2014 Dinosaurs Will Die Bogart Snowboard Review

The 2014 Dinosaurs Will Die Bogart Snowboard is a freestyle masterpiece that can kick it on any terrain.

Designed and ridden by Ben Bogart, the snowboard is his go-to board no matter the time of year or the conditions. If you know of Bogart, then you know this means anything from huge backcountry lines to gnarly street gaps to kickers in the park.

The Dinosaurs Will Die Bogart Snowboard is incredibly stable and durable thanks to its relatively flat profile. Though stability and strength is the name of the game as far as this board goes, it is forgiving and flexible enough for all the jibbing you can throw at it.

The snowboard’s Biax glass construction lends a buttery feel to the entire thing, making it perfect for jibbing and park riding. The snappy poplar core keeps this baby super lightweight and makes for a ride with a lot of pop and a lot of snap.

Need a killer snowboard that isn’t going to break the bank? If you are primarily a freestyle oriented rider, then the 2014 Dinosaurs Will Die Bogart Snowboard is one of your absolute best choices for the coming (and, in some places, current season.

2014 Lib Tech Skate Banana Original Snowboard Review

Lib Technology goes bananas once again with their 2014 Lib Tech Skate Banana Original Snowboard. True to its roots, the board is an absolute freestyle killer featuring only a few updates since it was first released five years ago.

The snowboard’s key point is undoubtedly its OG Banana Tech BTX rocker. This rocker profile is well-known for its intuitive nature and easy rideability. Heavy rocker sits between the bindings while the tip and tail have small amounts of camber. The set-up suits anyone from first-timers to seasoned vets.

Magne-traction edges makes maneuvering the Skate Banana simple, even if the conditions are icy and hardpack. The seven strategically-placed steak-knife bumps along the edges are bigger near the middle of the board, creating a feel that is much like ripping around on a skateboard.

The Lib Tech Skate Banana incorporates a sustainably-harvested wood H Pop core to create the ultimate in speed, pop, and snap. Durability is buffed up by Power Transfer internal sidewalls and UHMW external sidewalls.

Love freestyle snowboarding? Then chances are you’ll love the 2014 Lib Tech Skate Banana Original Snowboard. It’s light, fast, and durable and has an incredibly natural, easygoing feel. It even features a completely eco-friendly construction.

So grab a Lib Banana this winter and you’ll have your fill of pow-tassium…

Chocolate Skateboards Welcomes…Jerry Hsu

Jerry Hsu is one of the best (and not to mention most “Internet famous”) skateboarders around. For years he has been ripping it up for Enjoi Skateboards.

But Jerry’s made the big decision to switch teams. In this little video, the Chocolate Skateboards team welcomes him aboard. The video in itself, while corny, is worth a watch.

Now, here is hoping to a new Jerry Hsu video part soon!

NEW! Nikon DF Camera

A new small-frame full DSLR, the Nikon DF Camera channels an old-school feel with state-of-the-art technology. Just released, camera nerds are chomping at the bit to get their hands on one.

Take in the video above, grab a better look at the Nikon DF Camera’s specs here, and view the camera on the Nikon website itself.

Electric Watch Collection

Electric has been creating top-of-the-line super dope accessories for years upon years now. You probably know them for their eyewear…

But the accessories giant has stepped into a whole new marketplace with the release of their first collection of watches. And like their sunglasses, the entire Electric watch line is as high-quality as it gets.

Constructed from only the very best materials with the finest craftsmanship, Electric watches look good and last.

Check them out in the video above and at the Electric online store (where you can pick up your very own).

Vans Rowley Pro Lite Shoes

There is no denying that Vans has done it big time after time again. That’s how they got to be one of the most popular skate shoe companies of all time. Their Ge0ff Rowley signature ¬†shoe has long been a big-time bestseller.

Now out for the holiday season is their new take on the Rowley, the Vans Rowley Pro Lite, a lighter, more durable version of the classic shoe featuring a state-of-the-art stitchless upper, a single-wrap vulcanized outsole, and a breathable neoprene inner glove.

Cop your pair from the Vans website.

Kick-Ass New Apparel from Poler X NikeSB

There are dozens of sick lifestyle companies hawking their wares out there but few make cooler casual clothing than Poler Stuff and NikeSB. Though their individual apparel is as great as it comes, the two brands have teamed up to release a much awesome line of threads for the holiday season.

Check out the Poler X NikeSB apparel online.

And don’t pass on watching the video above. It features professional skateboarder Alex Olson’s trip from New York City to Iceland while decked out in the rad new gear.

2014 Head Daymaker DCT Snowboard Review

Need a new stick but don’t want to break the bank this winter? If that sounds like you, then you should consider adding the 2014 Head Daymaker DCT Snowboard to your quiver.

Designed for all-mountain destruction, the Daymaker will get the job done, no matter what type of terrain you throw at it. Powder? No problem. Park? The board’s got you covered. Manicured slopes? This thing eats them up.

The Head Daymaker comes equipped with the company’s well-known combined camber DCT. Head DCT is a mixture of classic camber and flat camber. The snowboard also features a tip-to-tail poplar core with a cruiser jacket for a solid ride. The power shovel tip and tail and its slim waist improve torsion and flex and make shredding a thing of dreams. Pop for days and sharp turns are only two of this board’s best attributes.

The twin-directional pop powerhouse known as the Head Daymaker DCT Snowboard will make any snowboarder’s day. And it will do so for only $300, a completely fair price for such a sick board.