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Zombie Killing Machine

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Ode to the West Wind – Timelapse Video

Check out for some more stunning timelapse videos like this "ode to the West Wind"

Bend Sinister Video

MuchAwesome was lucky enough to be at the 4th Playground event, where the aim was to record a music video for Bend Sinister in a couple of hours. The event was attended by over 100 amazing Vancouverites who enjoyed free beer from Main Street Pilsner.

Jones The Flagship Carbon Snowboard 2013

Jones Flagship has scored multiple awards without carbon fiber, so the Carbon Flagship should take Jeremy’s halo board to an unprecedented level of performance. The board combines a carbon top sheet and carbon stringers, giving it the rare ability to plough through the crustiest, chunkiest gnar while reacting on a dime when it matters most. Just take a quick peek at that solid black weave under your feet, and you should have the surge of confidence needed to take on your mountain’s nastiest lines. Outside of its carbon makeover, the Carbon Flagship relies on tried and true design elements. The directional rocker provides nose float to sail through the deepest of powder while giving you full edge hold.