How to Smell Awesome

how to smell nice

How Much?

This is probably the most common concern and question I get. I have a simple rule of thumb: hold out your arms and imagine a circle that touches the tips of your fingers surrounding you. Anyone outside of this circle should not be able to smell you unless your moving or there is some motion in the room. This means that someone you let into your personal space will be able to smell you and others won’t be disrupted by your scent. I always like to remind myself that fragrance is meant to be a subtle message about your personality and style. Your fragrance is much more effective when you allow others to get a slight whiff of the scent; only enough to draw them in closer. It’s not meant to cloud everyone around you. Got it? Perfect! OK… so, I can’t really tell you how many sprays to wear, because every scent has a different strength, but generally you’re safe with two sprays when going to the office and three or four when going out to the club. Now, some may be overwhelming with just one spray and others will be faint with even 4 sprays. Try to figure this out by asking friends if they can smell you while just outside arms length, 30 minutes after applying. Generally citrusy scents are ok to wear a little more, while heavier and sweeter scents are best to wear in moderation. Remember: don’t be that guy… you know.. the one who wears way too much of the wrong scent.

Where to apply?

Are you that guy who sprays the air and then walks into the cloud of cologne you just created? Well… if you are… Stop! It’s a huge waste and no one will be able to smell you in an hour or so…

The most common place that guy’s spray their fragrance is on their neck and/or upper chest. This is a great place to spray your fragrance, but I also recommend trying your forearms. Spraying your forearms will increase the projection of the scent — allowing others to get a better whiff of you. In the winter, heavier fragrances are more common — when wearing one of those, you may want to consider spraying the back of your neck so you don’t feel overwhelmed with scent. Spraying the back of your neck will also enhance the scent trail you leave behind when you’re walking. Ever walk past a really gorgeous girl and want her to look back at you? This will do the trick: wear a great fragrance on the back of your neck, and as she walks past, she won’t be able to resist turning around to figure out what that was! …Now, you look back.. catch her eye and bam! Ask for her number… done! You’re welcome!

Is your scent just not lasting?

Got a scent that just doesn’t last? Everyone is different, but most of our noses get used to scents relatively quickly and we just stop smelling them. This is called scent fatigue and it gets even the best of us — tempting us to spray on more and overwhelming your neighbors. First, ask a friend if they can smell it before completely deciding that it’s faded away. Usually, you still smell great! But, for those fragrances that truly don’t last as long as you’d hope, try spraying the pits of your elbows (that area that’s opposite of your elbow — the crease between your bicep and forearm). This area tends to lock in the scent for almost twice as long. And when you extend your arm you allow a burst of fragrance out.

What to Wear?

Ok… So I’ve told you how to wear it. Now, here are a few of my favorites that get the most complements from women. Also, they aren’t overly popular, so you’ll smell unique!

Aqva by Bvlgari

($27 – $80) Website >>
Two sprays is great for the office and three-four when you’re out. This one is aquatic, fresh and lasts all day! Definitely a head turner with great projection.

Terre d’Hermes by Hermes eau de toilette

($69 – $120) Website >>
Two sprays of this is sufficient for the office and three when you’re out. This one is the perfect combination of pepper, woods and vetiver (a very sexy earthy grass). This one is definitely going to get a ton of attention from the ladies.Terre d’Hermes by Hermes eau de toilette

Aventus by Creed

($150 – $320) Website >>
Two sprays for the office and three-four when you’re out. This is by far my favorite of the above mentioned. It’s a bit pricy, but worth it! This one is guaranteed to garner compliments! It’s very unique, lasts all day and smells incredible! You’re going to want to bathe in this stuff, but try to fight the temptation. It smells like pineapple, apple, dry woods with a sexy ambergris note. I’ve never been able to get through a full day’s wearing without receiving at least one or two compliments. It’s been referred to as a “panty dropper” on several occasions.Aventus by Creed

STACT Modular Wine Racks

STACT Wine Wall

Wine doesn’t tend to last too long in my house, but I have always imaged having some sort of wine rack (or wine cellar) to house  a wine collection.  Vancouver based STACT has come up with an innovative modular approach that is designed to stylishly fit into any space, enabling you to showcase your best wine for visitors to see.  Take a look at the following images and check out the video for more information and make sure you help them out via Kickstarter.

STACT Wine Racks
STACT Wine Racks
Innovative Wine Display
Innovative Wine Display

[youtube id=”50-_VoYZHcU” width=”450″ height=”260″]

SWAT Training Experience

Ever fancy doing something a little bit different?  How about a spot of SWAT training deep in the English countryside? Experience Days offer a unique day of action, where you will learn to act as a team and perform many real life SWAT team scenarios, with a trusty replica paintball gun to help you get your point across to the bad guys (you didn’t think they were going to give you a real weapon did you?).

  • Spend time on the firing range
  • Clear a building of insurgents
  • Avoid live enemy operatives who will be shouting, shooting and throwing things at you
  • Anti ambush drills
  • Rescue team members
  • Good guys – US Army M4 Carbine
  • Bad Guys – AK47 assault rifle
SWAT Team ready to go
SWAT training
These are clearly bad guys

This is more awesome than paintball and brings back memories of drunken nights playing Counterstrike.  With an uber realistic environment and great tactics training, it is going to be a great day to remember. Teams are 12 a side and the cost is a mere £59 of your UK Pounds ($90).  Go go go….


2013 Mercedes SLS AMG GT

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG 2013

Prior to this summer, the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG was already one of the coolest supercars on the planet. The first car designed from the ground up by Mercedes’ high-performance arm SLS, the AMG packs a 571-hp V-8 engine into a distinctive gullwing package that really doesn’t look like anything else out there (save perhaps for the classic Mercedes 300SL it was inspired by).

In other words, Mercedes sporty flagship didn’t need any updating to make it special. But time and car designs move on, and Mercedes felt it time to deliver some slight but noticeable tweaks to its halo sports car. The 2013 SLS AMG GT is the manifestation of that tweaking. Instead of just offering the GT variant as a package, Mercedes committed to replacing the older SLS AMG so that all buyers benefit from the latest in performance and design.

The already potent, agile ride of the SLS AMG is tweaked with an increased output to 583 horsepower, a recalibrated AMG Speedshift 7-speed automated manual transmission and redesigned suspension. A car that’s won more than three dozen awards in less than three years promises to enthrall the masses (or 1 percent, at least) even more.

Mercedes says the new SLS AMG has quicker, more reactive shift times and more aggressive suspension tuning – both of which should benefit drivers on the track and road alike. In terms of performance specs, the 0-60 mph time loses a tenth of a second, down to 3.6 seconds. Those looking to eke out a few extra mph’s on the top end will be disappointed , however, as the GT’s electronics still cut acceleration off frustratingly close to 200 mph (197 mph).

Ensuring that the jealous masses looking on know you’re pressing pedal in Mercedes’ latest hardware, the GT gets a few distinguishing styling elements – red brake calipers, darkened headlights and taillights, and a new high-gloss black finish around parts of the grille, hood, fenders and mirror caps. Of course, a “GT” designation is also tattooed on the rear.

The luxury interior of the 2013 Mercedes SLS AMG GT Supercar.

The interior provides that perfect mix of Mercedes-level luxury and track-inspired performance. A pair of leather sports seats keep you comfortable and in tune with the road, while an AMG Performance steering wheel with Alcantara grips connects you directly. The red that adorns the cabin stitching, floor mats and seatbelts conveys a clear sense of performance and speed.

If all that isn’t upgrade enough, Mercedes also offers the AMG designo STYLE package as an option. The exclusive package includes upgraded interior and exterior equipment and trim in three different color combinations. It wraps the cabin in designo leather and porcelain-colored Alcantara and slaps diamond quilting on the seats and door panels.

The 2013 SLS AMG GT will officially replace the SLS AMG in the US market this November. It will be available in both hard-top and roadster varieties. Mercedes has yet to announce pricing, but it will most certainly be north of the 2012 SLS AMG $189,600 base price. Options include carbon fiber interior trim, a carbon ceramic braking system, and a Bang & Olufsen BeoSound AMG surround sound system.

Sea To Summit Specialist Duo Tent

Sea To Summit Specialist Duo Tent

The Holy Grail. For backpackers, it’s that precise mix of light, compact in-the-pack design and comfortable function at the campsite. Most backpacking shelters provide one, but not the other. Bivouac sacks and tarps are ultra lightweight, but they aren’t the most comfortable to sleep in and are outright insufficient for some backpackers. Tents offer roomy, breathable accommodation with full protection from the elements, but they’re much bulkier and heavier to carry. Instead of the Holy Grail, it’s all about compromise.
That compromise may be giving way to something resembling a Holy Grail, however. Several companies now offer breathable, free-standing one- and two-person tents that approach the low weight of bivy sacks and shelters. One of those companies is also one of the newest tent manufacturers on the market. Sea to Summit used to be known solely for small accessories, but in the summer of 2011, it announced the Specialist line of tents. The company’s Specialist Duo is one of the lightest two-person tents on the market and offers some unique benefits.

The Sea to Summit Duo uses several design advantages to deliver a thoughtful mix of light pack weight and comfortable sleeping quarters. Its hybrid single/double-wall construction combines the lightness of a single-wall design with the breezy breathability of a double-wall tent. The mix of Pertex Endurance 20-denier waterproof-breathable nylon and 15-denier waterproof nylon construction keeps water outside, while the two mesh doors keep air flowing in and out. An integrated vestibule fly covers the doors in the event of bad weather.

The Specialist Duo weighs well under 2 lbs. (1 lb. 13 oz.) with all included components. To cut another 5 oz. out, you can leave the poles at home and pitch the tent with a pair of hiking poles. Assuming you trek with poles, a little multi-function makes an already ultra-lightweight tent that much lighter.

The Specialist Duo delivers a fully enclosed two-person tent that protects from all forms of weather and insects and manages to weigh as little as a pound and a half. The two separate doors not only add air circulation, but they make it easier for each occupant to come and go as he pleases. Duo owners get some of the comforts of a base camp tent with weight that undercuts some bivy sacks.

Outside of its smart, weight-savings elements, the Specialist Duo is just a solidly engineered piece of kit. Double stitching holds up to wear and tear, and fully taped seams prevent water from seeping in. Reflective guy lines and a half-dozen alloy stakes round out the standard package, and a ground sheet can be purchased separately for added durability.

  • Single-wall construction features Pertex Endurance shell fabric and delivers 1K-rated water protection as well as an impressive breathability rating
  • Two entrances so that you don’t have to climb over anyone
  • Two vestibules deliver ample gear storage so your sleeping area stays clean, dry, and organized
  • Fabric is double stitched and bar tacked at all stress points for added strength
  • Fully taped seams prevent water penetration
  • The 7075 alloy poles lend structure, but the shelter can be pitched with a pair of trekking poles and natural anchors for extra weight savings

The Specialist Duo hit the market earlier this year. It retails for $499. Those that prefer the joys of sleeping alone should look into the Specialist Solo, which weighs under a pound when pitched with trekking poles and retails for $429.