Ever since Recon Instruments first introduced its performance-tracking goggle hardware in 2010, it’s been showing up in the eyeballs of more and more goggles. Oakley is the latest to the show with the new Airwave.

The Airwave goggle combines a stylish Switchlock partial-frame design with the latest Recon heads-up display. A GPS and series of sensors track your movement on the slopes and calculate things like speed, distance traveled and vertical. Those measurements are displayed via an LCD screen that sits on the lower inside rim of the goggle. Other data displayed includes jump analytics, altitude, GPS location, time and temperature.

Using the power of MOD Live, Recon’s latest hardware, the Airwave links to your Android or iPhone smartphone via Bluetooth. Install the accompanying app and you can view text messages, incoming phone numbers and music play lists. Add a strapped wireless remote control and you can easily control your music without ever digging around inside your jacket.

No skier or rider really enjoys the process of unfolding (and then re-folding) a big, soggy trail map, and the Airwave goggle make that a thing of the past. Recon hardware allows you to see both your own position on a virtual trail map and the position of other Recon users in your group. No more annoying trail maps or incessant meet-up calls.

While it might seem a bit difficult to view all that data on a tiny LCD, Recon claims that its direct-to-eye prism technology creates an image that looks like a 14-inch screen five feet away. So you can see everything clearly without refocusing your eye.

More than just a high-tech piece of gadgetry, the Airwave is a high-performance goggle designed to keep your eyes crisp and clear throughout the punishing winter season. Oakley’s Plutonite lenses stay dry and clear thanks to double venting and F3 anti-fog technology. With the Switchlock system, changing from one tint to another during fickle weather takes mere seconds. The burly O Matter outriggers provide a balanced strap fit around your head or helmet.

Oakley Airwave goggles will hit the market on Halloween (that’s October 31, if anyone’s unsure) and be available from Oakley’s website and stores, SunglassHut.com, Recon Instruments’ website, and a variety of physical retailers. The Airwave will also be the first of Oakley’s performance optics to be offered through the Apple Store, both online and at physical outlets. It will launch in two styles: Gun Metal / Black frame with a Black Iridium lens and a White frame with Factory Text graphics and a Fire Iridium lens.

[youtube id=”lqAA8QPq8d0″ width=”450″ height=”260″]
The Airwave is a unisex design built for medium to large faces. Other lens tints will be available separately.



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