The Nitro Demand Snowboard has been available for several years now but the 2013 model is better than ever. The board is geared towards younger riders, hence its smaller profile, but it actually works just as well with older and more experienced riders in those situations where a smaller board is more ideal. In fact, the Demand has even become popular with members of the Nitro Professional Team.

The snowboard is designed to be ridden on all kinds of terrain including the park and pipe. Its twin shape and Gullwing camber make it perfect for just about anything that you can throw at it. Better yet, the Demand is super easy to control, making it easy for young riders to learn the basics on. Even the newest of riders will feel at home on the Demand Snowboard.

The Demand isn’t the lightest snowboard on the market but if you’re shopping in its price range that probably isn’t what you’re going for. Though it can seem a little heavier than other boards, its weight doesn’t sacrifice anything in way of maneuverability, edge control, or float. The board dominates in situations where a nimble and precise touch is required but can bomb through the heavy stuff where a powerhouse board is often preferred.

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A Powercore: tip-to-tail poplar wood construction ensures that the Demand won’t snap even under the most abusive situations. It also gives the snowboard the perfect amount of flex. With a Hi-Def FH Base, the board’s ride is smooth and fast. Furthermore, its radial sidecut eases you into turns and gives you all the control that you’d ever need.

Style is a definite consideration with the Nitro Demand Snowboard and isn’t just thrown in as a last thought. The graphic is quirky but clean and cool, and, as always with Nitro snowboards, a hint badass. If you like a board that makes a big impression, then the graphics on the Demand are for you.

Don’t wait too long because the Nitro Demand Snowboard is sure to be in high – wait for it – “demand” this coming season. All jokes aside, the chances of seeing a Demand on the mountain really are high. Get in on it if you are looking for a smaller board to add to your expert arsenal. It’s also a board that will give your kid the confidence that is needed to learn the ins and outs of our favorite sport.

Key Features of the Nitro Demand Snowboard:

  • POWERCORE: tip-to-tail poplar wood provides strength and the perfect amount of board feel and flex.
  • BI-LITE LAMINATES: biaxial fiberglass for effortless turns and a forgiving flex.
  • RADIAL SIDECUT: smooth turns and control at any speed.
  • HI-DEF FH BASE: our ultra clear base material blend – fast and durable.
  • GULLWING CAMBER: for the ultimate combination of forgiveness and control in all terrain.
  • Length (cm): 138, 142, 146, 149, 152
  • Effective Edge (cm): 102 (138), 106 (142), 110 (146), 113 (149), 116 (152)
  • Tip/Tail Width (cm): 28.1 (138), 28.3 (142), 28.5 (146), 28.9 (149), 29.1 (152)
  • Waist Width (cm): 24.3 (138), 24.4 (142), 24.6 (146), 24.9 (149), 25.1 (152)
  • Sidecut (m): 6.8 (138), 7.1 (142), 7.6 (146), 8.0 (149), 8.4 (152)


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