Hit the trails this winter in the new MSR Lighting Ascent Women’s Snowshoes. If you’re a gal that loves to be outdoors, then these high-end snowshoes are a must in your winter activities arsenal.

The MSR Lightning Women’s Snowshoes can get you through just about anything. Even if the skies were open all night long, you’ll be able to get over the fresh powder easily when you strap these babies on.

MSR designed these shoes specifically with women riders in mind. They have been constructed with a narrow profile that better suits a woman’s walking pattern as well as reducing their overall weight.

Torsion 2 crampons that feature independently flexible split teeth provide superior contact with the ground even on rugged terrain. The snowshoes’s Modular Flotation technology provides plenty of float to keep you on top of the lightest, fluffiest snow without sinking. The snowshoes are compatible with Lightning flotation tails (sold separately) for when you’re carrying extra weight.


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