The Louis Garneau Neo Trail LX II Snowshoe is the perfect hiking snowshoe for budget conscious beginners interested in casual day hikes through rolling hills of snow.

With winter right around the corner, now is the best time to invest in a solid pair of snowshoes. The Louis Garneau Neo Trail LX II Snowshoes are incredibly lightweight for a budget snowshoe. Their U-shaped polymer deck increases float and prevents your feet from plunging deep into the snow. A molded harness and their Twin Clip II buckle system hugs your boots, keeping them securely attached to the shoe.

A few other key features of this budget snowshoe include mitten-friendly slide-lock buckles, carbon steel toe crampons, V-Rail crampons molded into the deck, and a Lightflex Pivot system that rotates on an axle to help the shoe stay level. A Snowfree Surface design further helps in the performance department by shedding snow from the deck so that you’re not lugging around any extra weight on your trek.

If you want to start snowshoeing but don’t want to break the bank, then the Louis Garneau Neo Trail LX II Snowshoe is for you. There are few hiking snowshoes that are better to start with.


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