Longboard vs Skateboard: What’s Right for You

Both the boards have been used widely by all the teenagers and youngsters for a long time, regardless of its minor discrepancies. Of course, skateboards were the sporting boards which were invented prior to longboards, but they are focused on doing tricks and stunts in the skateboard parks. What is the purpose of such tricks? It is like a mere game which keeps your body fit and active.

Longboard vs Skateboard

On the other hand, longboarding has been used for commuting long distances, especially on inclined slopes. Although they are different from each other deciding the best among them relies upon the type of activity suggested by the rider. Here are some tips which compare the optimistic features of the longboard and the skateboard.


Yes, both the boards are made up of the same type of material. But what makes the difference? The evident factor which forms the main difference is the length of the boards. Skateboards are available in average lengths which are around 30 inches long. This limited length allows the skater to use it only for doing tricks in the skate parks and earn bruises and wounds as a reward. But the longboards have length up to 55 inches as they are used for commuting purposes. Unlike an ordinary skateboard, they can be used for traveling a long distance at a good speed.


If you have a close look at the skateboard from the top, you won’t be able to see the wheels as they lie below the board. But, when it comes to longboard, the wheels can be seen explicitly from its top. Is there a specific reason for such an arrangement?  The answer is ‘yes’. You know that the skateboard is used for doing tricks and stunts in the skate park. While doing tricks, you may have to turn your board all the way around. Too much of turning shall lead to accidents also. So, in order to keep the skateboard stable keeping the wheels below the horizon of the board is essential. But, in the case of longboards, the wheels come above the horizon when the rider makes a turn. Since longboards are used for travel; they need such reinforcement such that it acts fast as per the requirement of the rider. Also, the long boards are flat when compared to the skateboards, in order to keep the rider stable on the board.


There are also differences in the wheels of a longboard and a skateboard. The longboard is usually built with the wheels which are softer and larger in diameter. As you guess, wheels with greater diameter can travel faster when comparing to wheels with a short diameter. Since commuting is the purpose of a longboard they are provided with wheels with a larger diameter. The wheels of the longboard are also soft just because to have good traction with the concrete or asphalt road. On the other hand, skateboards don’t have to travel larger distance to make a trick; keeping that in mind, they are provided with smaller wheels. Also, the hardness of the wheel is somewhat higher, in order to reduce friction to do exceptional tricks and stunts in the skate park.


Although longboards have been used predominantly for cruising over long distances, they can also be used to perform dances, freeride, downhill moves etc. Here, dances pertain to feminism and the other two pertains to a typical skater. Free rides are simple moves using the longboards, which doesn’t involve any hard trick like a move in a skateboard. Moving downhill shall be an elite experience which makes you thrill with the speed they travel. Apart from downhill moves, they can also be used for normal commuting, which is really an eco-friendly and cheap means of transport.

On the other hand, the skateboarding is often seen as a recreational activity where creativity and innovation play a key role. Not all the skaters, but some can reach a good position in their career by doing spectacular skateboard tricks like heelflips, Ollie’s, somersaults etc.

Final thoughts

Both the long boards and the skateboards have something common to bestow on humans and it is all about health. Both the longboards and the skateboards provide intense health support to the skater by increasing the muscle power of the lower abdomen, gaining balance, concentration and focus etc. Getting a good sleep after intense workouts with the boards shall also help the user with great health benefits. So, it is clear that both the boards help us in leading a healthy life with stamina, balance, and endurance and so the best among the two boards exactly lies in the interest of an individual.


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