For years, snowboarders have been at the mercy of the resort when it comes to fixing and fine-tuning gear. Fix-up benches have become commonplace, but they were once few and far between. And while there have always been plenty of pocket-sized multi-tools on the market, there aren’t many designed around the specific hardware needed for riding.

Leatherman recently teamed up with the snowboard innovators over at Signal Snowboards and designed the Hail, a multi-tool built for riders. The flat multi-tool is built for both on- and off-mountain repairs. It includes a #3 flat/Phillips screwdriver, a 10mm wrench, a lacing assist and a scraper. It also comes with the obligatory multi-tool bottle opener and an ear bud winder. The tool is small and flat, so it should stash easily in a shell pocket. It’s also TSA compliant.

The Hail can be purchased/used on its own or paired with the Leatherman Style PS, a more classic Leatherman with pliers, wire cutters, scissors and other tools. The Style PS docks inside the Hail, creating a single tool with 13 functions. The Hail base model is $25, and the Style PSA version is $45. Unfortunately, Signal Snowboards lists them both as sold out, so you may have to search the secondary market for yours.

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