When you’re the protagonist of some of the most epic snowboarding footage ever recorded, it doesn’t take all that long for your snowboard company to make a name for itself. That’s certainly been the story for Jeremy Jones and his eponymous company. Jones Snowboards first line came out just two years ago, and the boards have been earning major awards and accolades ever since. Unlike other brands, which barely pop their heads out of the park long enough to consider a big mountain stick, Jones’ focus is freeride first.

Snowboard companies don’t keep customers and glowing reviews flowing in by polishing last season’s trophy shelf. For the 2013 season, Jones will be doing a lot more than adding new graphics to old designs. The company will re-skin two of its staple big-mountain boards with carbon fiber, creating lightweight, responsive boards that look straight out of NASA.

For those that don’t follow the aerospace, F1 racing or high-tech bicycle industries, carbon fiber is like the Holy Grail of high performance engineering – superior strength at a low weight. In terms of a big mountain snowboard, extra carbon fiber promises to offer enhanced stability and smoothness while maintaining a light, reactive ride.

Jones Flagship has scored multiple awards without carbon fiber, so the Carbon Flagship should take Jeremy’s halo board to an unprecedented level of performance. The board combines a carbon top sheet and carbon stringers, giving it the rare ability to plough through the crustiest, chunkiest gnar while reacting on a dime when it matters most. Just take a quick peek at that solid black weave under your feet, and you should have the surge of confidence needed to take on your mountain’s nastiest lines.

Outside of its carbon makeover, the Carbon Flagship relies on tried and true design elements. The directional rocker provides nose float to sail through the deepest of powder while giving you full edge hold. Assisting in preventing you from ceding even an iota of control to the mountain, mellow Magne-Traction edges bite into snow and ice for sure grip and powerful turns. A sintered base peppered with carbon nano particles provides the fastest ride around and holds up to years of abuse.

Jones snowboards are designed, tested and tweaked to the specifications of Jeremy and his team of riders. Manufacturing is handled by Nidecker Snowboards, an industry staple based in Switzerland, one of the true birthplaces of downhill snow sports.

Not surprisingly, the carbon fiber does add a chunk of change to the Flagship’s price, but at $799 it’s actually cheaper than many other brands’ top-end tech boards. No other board out there combines heaps of carbon fiber, award-winning big mountain design and the pedigree of the Jones name…except for the Carbon Solution. The $1,100 Carbon Solution is a carbon fiber version of the Solution splitboard, perfect for riders that regularly spend hours of skinning, scrambling and roping for minutes of pointing, straight lining and turning.


  1. This is a bad ass snowboard.
    I own a never summer raptor 165xl and this carbon 163xl and the carbon is MUCH stiffer.
    NS say flex 7 for the raptor, Jones say 9 for the carbon. Big difference IRL.
    Both are very good boards

    Never Summer is more for Cervinia gazing sun soft snow four beers later kind of riding
    Jones is all ’bout riding hard and if can afford the best… go Jones Carbon


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