Splitboards are the best way to access hike-in backcountry terrain far beyond lift country. But they’re also among the most expensive boards on the market, often approaching $1,000. That’s not necessarily a bad price if you plan to abandon the resort entirely, but kind of steep when used as a complement to an equally expensive season pass. To make matters worse, you probably have an entire section of your garage dedicated to your current quiver of boards, making you hesitant to buy yet another.

Voile provides a cheaper solution. The company would love for you to buy one of its spanking new splitboards, but it also realizes that some riders want to get out there without spending hundreds on new rides they really don’t need. Its Split Kit gives you the hardware to transform an old board into a new splitboard. You’ll need your own saw and the confidence to start cutting and constructing, but the kit will guide you through the process of building a splitboard for a fraction of the cost of buying a new one.

Voile Split Kit Parts
Voile Split Kit Parts

The kit includes hardware, such as slider tracks, screws and pins, as well as step-by-step instructions to get you through it. If you’re a klutz around power tools and don’t think you have what it takes to complete the job, Voile also has a list of partner shops around ski country that will install the kit.

At $160, the Split Kit is the cheapest way to start splitting the backcountry, outside of bumming a free board. Backcountry.com has plenty of reviews and testimonials if you’re on the fence and want to jump off.


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