It seems like helmet-mounted action cameras like those produced by GoPro are all the rage these days. Seriously, take a trip to any popular ski area and you’ll see at least one or two GoPro-style cameras in action. Though they are highly popular, the fact does nothing to diminish their cool factor. GoPro cameras are just plain old awesome and their popularity vouches for their quality in itself.

Simply put, the GoPro HD Hero Naked camera is one of the best choices as far as GoPro’s own product line is concerned. In fact, the HD Hero Naked camera is what started it all for GoPro. It’s their original camera and the driving force behind the GoPro movement.

The HD Hero Naked is a top-quality camera. It captures all of your action with a 170° wide angle 720p video option or a 127° semi-wide angle 1080p video option. It also takes professional quality photos with its 5 megapixel camera option. Both the video and the photos taken by the HD Hero Naked are stunning. It really is amazing that such a little camera can take such high-quality pictures.

Sturdiness and durability both come as second nature to the GoPro HD Hero Naked camera. You can fall right on it and it won’t break. This is great news for riders like me – all those kooky-looking falls won’t send my $200 down the drain. For snowboarders, it’s good to know that the Hero Naked camera is completely waterproof to 197 feet. So, unless you’re snowboarding underwater, a bit of mountain and snow moisture won’t cause a single bit of harm to your camera.

The GoPro HD Hero Naked camera comes equipped with everything that you need to start making fun snowboarding videos. It comes with two adhesive mounts that allow you to attach it to yourself or to your board. The camera also comes with a USB cable, a video component (or HDTV) cable, and a composite video + audio out cable, so that it is easy to get your footage on your television or computer.

Whether you’re looking for your very first GoPro or simply a second camera to capture your moves from another angle, the GoPro HD Hero Naked camera will get the job done in style. You and your buddies will put together way too many bad snowboarding films with this camera. I can vouch for that – please don’t ask to see them though!

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