Few things get the diehard snowboarder more excited than: 1) opening day at their local mountain 2) word of fresh powder coinciding with a day off from work 3) a new piece of equipment to shred with.

While nothing equals actually hitting the slopes, looking at awesome snowboarding pictures is a great segue into fantasies of tearing up the park or the backcountry. It can make the wait for your next snowboarding trip that much easier.

Below we have collected what we think are 10 of the most epic snowboarding pictures of all time. Obviously, we had to pick and choose based on our own personal preferences, but we’re sure you guys will think these pics rock too!

1. Nicolas Muller, Red Bull Illume (Credit: Frode Sandbech)

Nicolas Muller

 2. Travis Rice, Red Bull Illume (Credit: Scott Serfas)

Travis Rice

3. Travis Parker, La Parva, Chile (Credit: Laura Austin)

Travis Parker

4. Pat Bridges, Waterville, New Hampshire (Credit: Laura Austin)

Pat Bridges

5. Breitler Andi (Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/phbayer/)

Brietler Andi

6. JP Solberg, Stewart, Canada (Credit: Jeff Curtes)

JP Solberg

7. Johnny Lyall, Mt. Seymour, B.C. (Credit: Scott Serfas)

Johnny Lyall

8. Dan Brisse (Credit: Darcy Bacha)

Dan Brisse

9. Timmy Ronin (Credit: E-Stone)

Timmy Ronin

10. Forrest Shearer (Credit: E-Stone)

Forrest Shearer

There you have it! Our top ten most epic snowboarding pictures of all time. What did you think of our selections? Which photos do you think we left off the list?

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