The 7 Best Drop Through Longboards

Drop through longboards are specially designed for speed. The outlook seems to be stylish. It let you and enjoys a free ride like no other type of longboard. These boards are an ideal choice for downhill racing. You can quickly travel from one place to another place by using these boards.

After some hours of research, we’ve picked the drop through longboards. As per the reviews, Atom Drop Through Longboard is the best overall when compared to the other brands.

The 7 Best Drop Through Longboards 1

Girl riding on a drop through longboard

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These boards are attached to the trucks. Most of the boards have top mounted trucks that are connected directly to the bottom of the board. You can have a sigh of relief when you see your loved ones riding safely.

The lowered platform supports you for excellent stability at high-level speeds. The lower deck makes foot braking and pushing easier. Lower center of gravity makes slides easier to initiate and control.Table of ContentBest Drop Through Longboards Comparison TableTop 7 Best Drop Through longboards- Reviewed1. Atom Drop-Through Longboard2. Volodor 42inch Longboard3. SCSK8 Natural Blank & Stained Longboard4. Rimable Drop-Through Longboard 5. Sector 9 Blue Wave Longboard 6. Santa Cruz Lion Longboard7. Yocaher Punked Drop Down Through Longboard Drop Through Longboard vs. Top MountDrop Down Longboard vs. Drop ThroughFinal Verdict

Best Drop Through Longboards Comparison Table

Product NameWeightSizeDeckBearings
Atom Drop Through9 lbs41 inchFull maple laminateABEC 9
VOLADOR 42inch Longboard7.6 lbs42 inch8 ply natural hard rock mapleABEC 9
SCSK8 Natural Blank9 lbs40 inch7- ply mapleABEC 9
RIMABLE Drop-Through8 lbs41 inch9 ply Canadian mapleABEC 11
Sector 9 Lookout Complete7 lbs42 inch5-ply vertically laminated bambooABEC 5
Santa Cruz Lion God Rasta7lbs40 inch9 Ply Maple Drop DownABEC 9
Yocaher Punked Lowrider8 lbs41 inch9-ply mapleABEC 7

Top 7 Best Drop Through longboards- Reviewed

1. Atom Drop-Through Longboard

Atom Drop-Through Longboard (41-Inch) is the current favorite board for youngsters. Its Reverse King pin trucks make it extremely stable, particularly at high speed. This board is absolutely perfect for cruising due to its wheels with 41 inches and 70mm.

The 7 Best Drop Through Longboards 2

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It responds with such ease when you turn. The board offers a bigger size when compared to the normal decks. You can able to make a full radius turning from one corner to another with the smooth response mode by means of the small flex deck design.

The 7 Best Drop Through Longboards 3


Good Stability

Fast riding speed

The 7 Best Drop Through Longboards 4

Heat transfer ability

Maple laminated deck

Super High Rebound urethane wheels

Its outer laminate bamboo is specially designed with heat transfer ability that does not fade out quickly. Its maple wood and bamboo mixing offer the solid, durable and sturdy construction to withstand against all weather conditions. This light weighted longboard provides the user with the easy carrying ability with full comfort.

2. Volodor 42inch Longboard

The Volador longboard’s artisan work created by the great engineering team. This 42-inch drop through camber deck gives super flex while you are riding. The 8-ply natural hard rock maple and epoxy glue, fine materials produce more joy and is suitable for our environment.

The 7 Best Drop Through Longboards 5

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You can adjust the 7-inch aluminum trucks as 50 or 45 degrees. In its 78A PU wheels work well with ABEC-9 precision bearings. It is last for a long time and gives the soft ride to you.

The 7 Best Drop Through Longboards 3


Sturdy design

Super flexible

The 7 Best Drop Through Longboards 4

8- hard maple

ABEC 7 precision bearing

Genuine aluminum 7-Inch trucks

If you are searching for the longboard with an affordable price, then the Volador 42- inch freeride longboard is an ideal choice for you. It works well for both beginners and expert longboard riders.

3. SCSK8 Natural Blank & Stained Longboard

The SCSK8 Natural Blank & Stained Assembled Complete Longboard has a number of features that helps to win races. While you are up for a race the 40” X 9” OR 44” X 10” deck size might help you to balance yourself.The 7” Hanger made of Aluminum Alloy shows the durability.

The 7 Best Drop Through Longboards 8

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Apart from this, the light weight of the board makes it possible for one to stand on it, with ease and ride on it as far as you would want it to go. The light weight enhances comfort feeling while standing and riding on it for hours together.

The 7 Best Drop Through Longboards 3

Easy usage

Perfect grip

Smooth long rides on terrain regions

The 7 Best Drop Through Longboards 4

70mm Wheels

 ABEC 5 bearings

Unique perimeter shape

Most riders who try this board for the first time love that it has the ability for it to painted and add your own touch to it. They also love how strong and reliable it is, the grip tape, however, is a bit cheap and comes off easily.

4. Rimable Drop-Through Longboard 

The Rimable Drop-Through longboard (41-inch) has adequate safety and security measures to minimize incidences of accidents. It gives extreme confidence to both freshers and experts. It comes with 70x51mm PU wheels and its construction is 9 ply full maple laminated deck. It is super stable and super fast.

The 7 Best Drop Through Longboards 11

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The wheel design is well known for its high durability factor, and the gripping quality allows you to have a perfect balance over the surface. Not only it gives an exact balancing, but it also comes out with the wobble-free cruising even at the high-speed riding.

The 7 Best Drop Through Longboards 3

Smooth riding

Quality wheels

Attractive design

The 7 Best Drop Through Longboards 4

Ultra low resistance

High-speed lubricant

9 ply full maple laminated deck

It also includes 7 inch of 180 aluminum trucks to ensure the longboard getting damage due to heavyweight riding. It can hold 300-pounds of user weight. Its ABEC 9 bearings come out with the ability of high-speed lubricating effect during the full speed riding.

5. Sector 9 Blue Wave Longboard 

The Sector 9 Blue Wave Lookout drop through Complete Longboard Skateboard, 9.6-Inch x 42.0-Inch has wonderful rigidity and it is suitable for throwing out speed-checks and slides due to its flexing properties.

The 7 Best Drop Through Longboards 14

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Sector 9 Lookout Complete made of 5-ply vertically laminated Bamboo high-quality materials. It is very sturdy, strong, and last for a long period. It comes with clear grip tape, which gives a perfect grip while you are riding.

The 7 Best Drop Through Longboards 3

Smooth riding

Compact design

Quality bearings

The 7 Best Drop Through Longboards 4

Clear grip tape

Longer length deck

Low Pro Hardened Steel Bolts

The stability of the board increases by its longer length deck. The board is perfect for cruising around, doing some cross-stepping, sliding and rolling over hilly roads. It works with the great quality and durability.

6. Santa Cruz Lion Longboard

The Santa Cruz Lion God Rasta Drop Thru Cruzer longboard is 40-inch and amazing in its look. Its stability and ease in riding is the main reason behind its quick popularity. You can trust its quality because all the parts utilized in the construction of this longboard are Santa Cruz parts. Very lightweight, easy to store and carry around.

The 7 Best Drop Through Longboards 17

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It is made of 9-ply maple wood deck construction, which is truly strong and durable. It comes with ABEC 9 bearings that give high-speed lubricant ride to you. This board offers more flexibility while you’re turning.

The 7 Best Drop Through Longboards 3




The 7 Best Drop Through Longboards 4

31 inch wheelbase

Cool graphic design

Artwork made of metal ink

The 70mm large wheels improve the ability of cruising ride. It’s 78 A durometer provides a smooth ride to you. The trucks of these boards are highly maneuverable.

7. Yocaher Punked Drop Down Through Longboard 

The Yocaher Punked Lowrider Drop down through longboard is a unique longboard in that it combines both the drop down and the drop through mounted deck configurations. More specifically, it is also designed to be able to provide great stability at high speeds.

The 7 Best Drop Through Longboards 20

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It comes in 29 different designs. This Yocaher longboard showcases 70mm by 52mm wheels with a durometer rating of 78A, HD7 heavy duty trucks, ABEC 7 chrome bearings as well as premium grade Black Widow grip tape.

The 7 Best Drop Through Longboards 3

Easy to control

Maximum stability

Won’t break quickly

The 7 Best Drop Through Longboards 4

70mm Q-Ball Wheels

Double Drop Deck Configuration

9.8 inch heavy-duty aluminum trucks

In its low center of gravity makes an easy control. If you are searching for the longboard that is easy to control and won’t break, this Yocaher Punked Lowrider Drop Down Longboard is the right choice.

Drop Through Longboard vs. Top Mount

What is the difference between the top mount and drop through longboards? That is speed!

The 7 Best Drop Through Longboards 23

Drop Through Vs Top Mount

The lower position of the drop through longboard decks offers speed ride. It is easier to pick up speed and maintain stability as you ride. In its lower decks gives you a long distance pushing.

If you are riding area that has a lot of turns, these boards are the best choice for you. This board delivers you a great amount of grip so that you can easily stay on the board while you turn.

Top mount longboards have more control and grip in downhills. In top mount, the trucks are connected to the bottom of the deck. It is perfect for interlacing skills.

Whatever may be their difference both of them gives you the comfort of smooth rides nevertheless.

Drop Down Longboard vs. Drop Through

The minute difference between the drop through and drop down longboard is their design and functionality. The drop through longboard is more stable when compared to the drop down longboards.

The 7 Best Drop Through Longboards 24

Drop Through Vs Drop Down

The drop-down has a comfortable design and texture which is easier for the rider to get a firm foothold on it. This specialty is not being in a drop through longboards.

Drop though longboards are an ideal choice for the freestyle riding whereas the drop down longboards is the best for downhill rides.

Drop down longboards are best in pushing when compared to the drop through longboards. If you want a long smooth ride, then the Drop down longboard is a perfect choice.

Final Verdict

The above choices have been made based on manufacture, quality of components and value for money and should give great satisfaction to users. Now it’s turn to select the best drop through longboard suitable for you.


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