If you’re a dog owner with a passion for the great outdoors, then chances are that you spend at least a little time in the summer on the water. Whether you’re pleasure boating, kayaking, or just swimming, the day is always better if your four-legged friend can come along.

But water can be just as dangerous for dogs as it is for humans. In fact, over 4,000 dogs drown per year. And that figure just accounts for swimming pool accidents, not for anything involving deep, cold, or rough waters. With that in mind, it is essential that every dog owner planning to spend time with their dogs in the water invest in a high-qualify dog life jacket.

The Dog Life Jacket by Canine Equipment is as good a choice as there is. In an industry filled with knock-off and less than superior products, the folks over at Canine Equipment really put a lot of hard work and effort into their latest life jacket design. Their Dog Life Jacket is the best of the best. Their Dog Life Jacket will keep your pooch safe and keep your mind at ease. It’s basically just much awesome…

A lot of thought was put into the specifics of the Dog Life Jacket’s design. It is constructed so as to be very comfortable (almost unnoticeable) to your dog while also keeping their body in swimming position and their head above the water in case they become incapacitated. A sturdy, yet low-profile, handle aids you in pulling them from the water if the need ever arises.

Canine Equipment’s Dog Life Jacket comes in three different sizes (small, large, and extra-large) to fit all different breeds of dogs. Each jacket has fully adjustable waist and neck straps so that you can further size it to perfection.

Don’t skimp on your dog’s water safety this summer. Even the strongest dogs can quickly become fatigued in rough conditions or injured in an accident. A dog life jacket like this one will help provide back-up relief just in case any of these things happens.

The Canine Equipment Dog Life jacket is available from The Bone & Bowl who can ship to anywhere in North America.


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