Top 6 Best Cruising Longboards

Cruising is one of the styles of longboarding; it’s all about pushing around and enjoying the wind whistles past your ears. For some, getting into longboarding is not an option.

If you are in a hurry, you can starts with Quest cruiser longboard. It is the best overall. It will gives you a perfect cruising ride.

Top 6 Best Cruising Longboards 1

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Some goes for free ride and speed checks, it happens through cruising. Anyone who likes longboard usually likes a good cruise every now and again, but for a dedicated cruising setup there isn’t a lot to worry about when setting up your board. Anything from 68-75mm would work perfectly for a cruiser wheel, for good carves look in the 72-75mm range with a square lip that will give you a nice grippe carve that translate into loss of speed, the round wheel helps to maintain speed.

Top 6 Cruising Longboards- Reviewed

1.Quest Skateboards Super Cruiser Longboard

The beautiful artisan bamboo deck is made of multi-ply hardwood maple materials. This 44-inch artisan bamboo longboard gives the perfect cruising ride to you. It is constructed by the high-quality material, so you don’t have to worry about the quality. It is last for a long time.

Top 6 Best Cruising Longboards 2

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This good looking bamboo includes abstract graphics, rugged aluminum trucks, and durable 70mm PU wheels. It is also an ideal choice for commuting.

In its ABEC 7 bearing ensures the quick turn while you’re riding. The length of the deck is 44-inch, which is ideal for heavy riders. It holds up 200 lbs amount of weight. The 7-inch aluminum reverse kingpin truck works well with 70 mm wheels. It offers a smooth and comfortable ride to you.This board is the best value for your money.

Key Feature

Rough aluminum trucks

Bamboo and Maple deck

44-Inch Artisan Super Longboard


Great control

Stable trucks

Ensures a soft ride

2.SCSK8 Natural Blank Complete Longboard

If you are searching for the longboard with an affordable price, it is an ideal choice for you. It perfectly suits to your budget. You can also use this board for all riding style. It comes with 7- inch wide aluminum trucks, 70 mm urethane wheels, and, ABEC 9 Red bearings. It will give more flex and stable performance.

Top 6 Best Cruising Longboards 3

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The SCSK8 Longboard can be the ideal board you’re looking for. This board is available in several sizes, so it’s your job to decide what kind of riding you prefer to do with it. This skateboard provides really an impressively smooth ride. The light-weight of the board makes you feasible for you to get up on it with ease & ride on it as far as you like it to go.

Most of the people who try to ride longboard the first time, this board is best to learning. It is highly reliable and offers a sturdy design, great grip tape. You can also read the cheap and best longboards.

Key Feature

Pattern boosts mood

ABEC 9 red bearings

7 Ply Maple Construction



Simple to use

Smooth 70 mm wheels

3.Atom Pintail Longboard

Are you a beginner? Atom pintail is the perfect choice to learn longboarding. The 78A urethane wheel gives high-stability even at high speed.

The Atom Pintail Longboard is the safe and adventurous longboard which is preferred by everyone. It provides you stability and good balance in turns and rough surfaces. Different colors are available, and you are able to change the color of different parts as per your wish.

Top 6 Best Cruising Longboards 4

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It has a classic deck shape, which ensures you will never get while biting when you’re riding. The polished aluminum trucks gave standard cruising ride. This board includes the durable ABEC 5 bearings. It helps to increase the speed of the ride.

Key Feature

Classic deck shape

Maple laminate deck

8.5-inch aluminum trucks


Ideal for learners

Compact structure

Versatile and fast ride

4.Rimable Drop-through Longboard

The Rimable Drop-through Longboard (41-inch) is designed to meet the needs of the consumers. It comes with 70x51mm PU wheels. These wheels are strong and rough that gives a smooth ride. They grip well on the surface and are stable. They fit well on the longboard deck while riding low. 41 inch is just the ideal size for a memorable cruise.

Top 6 Best Cruising Longboards 5

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The deck of this board is really firm and long-lasting. It also supports heavy weight guys. The 7- inch aluminum truck keeps the longboard safe and gives a wobble-free performance. It includes the ABEC 9 bearings, which ensures the fast ride. These bearings perfectly fit the wheels. This board is an ideal choice for freestyle, carving, and sliding riding.

Key Feature

Laminated maple deck

7-inch aluminum truck

Lubricant Longboard Bearing


Stable design

Gives perfect grip

Strong and sturdy wheels

5.Yocaher Punked Stained Pintail Longboard

This board gives the safest ride to the riders. It offers a stable ride even at high speed. In its maple deck gives you a medium flex while you’re riding. Campus cruisers are also excellent for it.

Top 6 Best Cruising Longboards 6

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The pintail shape of this longboard creates a classic look. In its Q-ball wheels are 74mm tall and 52mm wide, it comes with a 78a durometer. If you want a stable, smooth and fast ride, you can buy this yocaher punked longboards. It offers excellent control while you turn. You can also adjust the truck setting. In its affordable price, perfectly suits your budget.

Key Feature

Classic pintail shape

ABEC-7 chrome bearings

Pintail teardrop-shaped deck


Reliable bearings

Eliminate wheel bite

Offers stable and fast ride

6.Eightbit 41 Inch Drop Down Longboard

The Eightbit41 Inch Drop down Complete Longboard will give you unique experience. These wheels are wide and strong. This gives riders a stable and steady ride. It is perfect for rough terrain and riding through hilly areas. The board is simple to control. It can carry heavy guys without bending. In its laminated finish creates an elegant look and it is so easy to clean.

Top 6 Best Cruising Longboards 7
Top 6 Best Cruising Longboards 8

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This board was constructed by the 8 ply maple materials which are highly durable. The trucks are heavy duty aluminum alloy that provides the fast wobble-free ride. These trucks have an electrostatic coating for giving a smooth and speedy ride. In its wheels are strong, and gives more flex while you’re riding. The wide deck offers more space for bigger feet guys.

Key Feature

8-ply maple deck


Heavy-duty aluminum alloy trucks


Best for high speeds

Durable and wide wheels

Supreme quality bearings

How to choose the best longboard for cruising ride

Longboards are one of the best outdoor game. But most of the people don’t know how to choose the longboard for their ride. For them, here we’ve provided some tips to buy a longboard for cruising.


The first thing to consider while you’re going for a longboard is a deck. It is the base of the longboard. Stability, ease of pushing, and foot braking are an essential factor for a cruising ride. There are four kinds of deck styles available on longboards.

Top 6 Best Cruising Longboards 9

1.Top mount

It is an ideal choice for carving, cruising, downhill, freestyle, and free ride. In its high center of gravity presto than drop boards. It is a very affordable price. So it perfectly suits your budget.

2.Drop deck

The drop deck’s low center of gravity delivers a more stable ride to the users. It is a perfect choice for both learners and expert riders.

3.Drop through

It is a very thick deck. You can use it for long distance commuting, cruising, freeride, and, downhill. The cost of these decks is average.

4.Double drop

It is one of the most durable decks. If you are searching for the deck to the delicate cruising ride, it is the best choice. Expert riders only can use this deck. The price of this deck is very high.


There are two types of trucks best for longboards that are 180 mm and 150 mm. If you have a more to time spend here, you can view the best 13 longboard trucks review here.


Three major factors to consider while choosing wheels that are hardness, diameter, and shape.

Top 6 Best Cruising Longboards 10

The hardness of the wheel depends on your body weight. If your weight is less than 60 pounds, you can choose the 78 A to 80 A hardness wheels. For 60 to 80 pounds guys, 80 A to 83 A is an ideal choice. 80 and above-weighted guys can pick 83 A to 86 A wheels.


It helps to increases the life of the wheels. So you should buy the best bearings for your longboard. ABEC 3 rated bearing is the perfect choice for cruising. If you need high performance, you can choose ABEC 5, ABEC 7, and above rated are the ideal choices.

Final Verdict

Cruising is a popular outdoor game. It creates an excellent fun to the riders. There are a lot of funs happened by riding a longboard. But safety is an essential thing while you go for a ride. Hope you found a real Longboards for your own Cruising. So it’s time to take action to have it as soon as possible. Make use of it and purchase your happiness soon.


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