Not even the snow can stop you from running outdoors when you strap on the Crescent Moon Composite Kilo Run Snowshoes. There is no longer any reason to hole up inside on the treadmill when winter comes rushing in.

The Crescent Moon Composite Kilo Run Snowshoes are incredibly high performing. They feature an extremely responsive carbon composite construction, a streamlined shape, and a single-pull binding. They’re light, durable, and allow you to haul ass.

Sometimes you forget that you’re wearing a snowshoe when you’re running in these puppies. Their carbon nanotube composite frame delivers great feel and responds quickly to fast moving feet. The snowshoe’s aluminum 3 crampons at the toe, ball, and heel of each shoe bite down hard into snow and ice so that you don’t take an unnecessary spill.

Better yet, you can use these Crescent Moon snowshoes with a binding or with a simple athletic shoe, depending on the conditions outside and the experience that you’re after. And their lean, tapered shape keeps you from tripping over your feet as you run.

The Crescent Moon Composite Kilo Run Snowshoes are the perfect snowshoes for someone who is looking to run in the winter. Though they work well for anyone, their high price and high performance really only warrants an intermediate or experts attention.

If you know what you’re doing on a pair of snowshoes, then these are for you!


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