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Gear Reviews of different winter, summer, indoor and outdoor sports equipment. We’ll let you know what’s worth spending your money on and what isn’t.

Sports-Vue’s top cameras is the 360HD, a 1080p action camera with 180-degree swivel lens. The lens films 170 degrees of footage – the 180-degree label refers to the swivel mount that lets you easily rotate it for different types of mounting, similar to the rotating lens on Contour cameras. This gives you the versatility to mount the camera in all kinds of different ways without losing the ability to line up the right shot.
The Outdoor Retailer Summer Market expo is ground zero for all new things in outdoor gear design – everything from canoes to camping trailers to backcountry ski gear shows up at the show. MuchAwesome pounded the massive show floor and snaked through the most distant nooks and crannies to find all the latest gear, technology and innovation. Here are some of the highlights.
If you’re in the market for a new bike in 2013 and have some extra money to spend, the Replica Specialized Demo 8 is one that is hard not to consider.
The average video camera is great … for filming your child's 4th grade play or compiling those touristy vacation clips that your friends will loathe slogging through. If video and filmmaking is something you take seriously, however, you’ll want to mature into a more serious camera.
Yes you read that correct...
STACT is a new innovative and importantly stylish wine rack solution, designed to fit your space.
Betabrand are known for making unique and stylish clothing for the geeky crowd from their HQ in San Francisco and these Tan Seersucker shorts are no exception.
Prior to this summer, the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG was already one of the coolest supercars on the planet. The first car designed from the ground up by Mercedes' high-performance arm SLS, the AMG packs a 571-hp V-8 engine into a distinctive gullwing package that really doesn’t look like anything else out there (save perhaps for the classic Mercedes 300SL it was inspired by). In other words, Mercedes sporty flagship didn't need any updating to make it special. But time and car designs move on, and Mercedes felt it time to deliver some slight but noticeable tweaks to its halo sports car. The 2013 SLS AMG GT is the manifestation of that tweaking. Instead of just offering the GT variant as a package, Mercedes committed to replacing the older SLS AMG so that all buyers benefit from the latest in performance and design.
The Sea to Summit Duo uses several design advantages to deliver a thoughtful mix of light pack weight and comfortable sleeping quarters. Its hybrid single/double-wall construction combines the lightness of a single-wall design with the breezy breathability of a double-wall tent.
Every sane person knows that the Zombie Apocalypse is on its way... just a matter of time. Prepare now and lead the resistance with this awesome Hyundai car that has been outfitted with pretty much everything a zombie killer...
Jones Flagship has scored multiple awards without carbon fiber, so the Carbon Flagship should take Jeremy’s halo board to an unprecedented level of performance. The board combines a carbon top sheet and carbon stringers, giving it the rare ability to plough through the crustiest, chunkiest gnar while reacting on a dime when it matters most. Just take a quick peek at that solid black weave under your feet, and you should have the surge of confidence needed to take on your mountain’s nastiest lines. Outside of its carbon makeover, the Carbon Flagship relies on tried and true design elements. The directional rocker provides nose float to sail through the deepest of powder while giving you full edge hold.