Few digital cameras are better than the Canon 7D DSLR. It’s the perfect camera for anyone, professional or amateur, who loves to shoot in the APS-C size format.

The Canon 7D DSLR is equipped with a 18 megapixels APS-C CMOS sensor along with Dual DIGIC 4 processors and ISO sensitivity up to 12800.

High performance is further delivered in the form of AF and metering systems with a 19-point cross-type AF sensor and an iFCL metering system with a 63-zone dual-layer sensor. Basically, this means that all of your pictures will look just as crisp and clear as they did in real life. Further helping you make sure that you snagged the best pic possible is the camera’s 3-inch Clear View II LCD with 920k dots (VGA) resolution.

In addition to performing like a long-time champ, the Canon 7D DSLR camera is extremely durable. It’s body is made of weatherproof magnesium alloy. This allows means that the camera has a very solid and comfortable feel in your hands.

The Canon 7D DSLR Camera is the perfect camera for action sports like snowboarding. It’s capable of high speed burst photography of up to 8fps.

If you’re into photography, then you’ll love the Canon 7D DSLR Digital Camera. It is one of the highest performing, yet easiest to use, cameras straight out of the box.


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