With a name like the Super Hero, this board better perform – and it does. You will be able to fly high, go hard, and bomb just about any obstacle thrown in your way on the Burton Super Hero Snowboard. Just about the only thing that you won’t be able to do is become invisible.

The key asset of the Super Hero is its simple design and smaller profile. The board makes its statement without doing anything fancy and, like all of Burton’s products, it’s been tested again and again by actual snowboarders. Not just by the pros but also by people just like you.

The Hero is well-equipped for just about every type of riding that you could dream of throwing at it, but is especially at home in the freestyle department. Its twin shape and Flat Top camber are the basis of the its super good handling. A variety of other traits, including its Super Fly® with Dualzone™ EGD™ core, Triax™ fiberglass construction, and 10:45™ sidewalls, also play a major role in its keen maneuverability.

As its name implies, there must be something more to the board than stellar handling and control. That something is its aforementioned smaller profile. In addition to making the Hero lighter, quicker, and more nimble, the smaller profile actually proves to bend conventional wisdom and rules on board length (something Burton seems able to do quite often). Owners of the Hero are able to downsize 5cm from their normal ride.

The Super Hero also comes equipped with Burton’s Channel system. If you don’t know already, the Channel system bypasses age-old screw-mounted board design and allows for a highly-tweakable ride. In addition to cutting the time it takes to mount your bindings, the Channel system also gives you more control over your setup while you’re out riding – you can actually fine-tune your settings on the go.

The Hero’s graphics march in tune with the rest of the board – they’re simple. The top is a smooth, almost matte, black, while the bottom of the board is adorned with simple, gray, almost bubble-like words spelling out Burton.

Burton Super Hero 2013 Video Reviews

[youtube id=”qvFWbMZhkME” width=”450″ height=”260″]

[youtube id=”Pmq4fOiZnyY” width=”450″ height=”260″]

Key Features of the Burton Super Hero Snowboard:

  • Feel: 3
  • Hi-Speed Quad Package
  • Nug Raduction
  • The Channel
  • Bend: Flat Top
  • Shape: Twin
  • Flex: Twin
  • Core: Super Fly® with Dualzone™ EGD™
  • Fiberglass: Triax™
  • Base: Sintered
  • Sidewalls: 10:45™
  • Extras: Squeezebox, Side Effects, Jumper Cables Hi-Voltage, Scoop, Frostbite Edges, Pro-Tip™, and Infinite Ride™
  • Raduction Level: 5 [Downsize 4 to 5cm From Normal Board Length]
  • Length (cm): 145, 148, 151, 154, 157
  • Effective Edge (cm): 106.5 (145), 109 (148), 112 (151), 115 (154), 118 (157)
  • Tip/Tail Width (cm): 28.18/24.8 (145), 28.65/25.2 (148), 28.86/25.3 (151), 29.17/25.5 (154), 29.48/25.7 (157)
  • Waist Width (cm): 24.8 (145), 25.2 (148), 25.3 (151), 25.5 (154), 25.7 (157)
  • Sidecut (m): 6.27 (145), 6.41 (148), 6.62 (151), 6.82 (154), 7.03 (157)

MuchAwesome Verdict

Though the Burton Super Hero Snowboard is a bit pricey at $450, you definitely get what you pay for. It’s a great bet for almost any rider looking for a new board. It works well as an all-around, everyday board or as yet another tool in an expert rider’s arsenal. Those wishing to keep it real with the Super Hero board should keep in mind the 5cm reduction when considering board size.



  1. Great review. My boyfriend wants a board for Christmas and I wasn’t sure where to start or which one.. but The Hero sounds perfect! Not only is it masculine, but everything else you have mentioned here sounds like it’d be the perfect board for him. Thanks for the awesome review.


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