Like the splitboard of the same name (which we reviewed earlier last week), the Freebird Jacket, offered by Burton, the king of snowboarding companies, is a high-priced but incredibly high-tech and high-performance piece of snowboarding equipment. In fact, the jacket is just about as good as snowboarding jackets get. That $600 price tag, while undoubtedly hefty, is worth every penny.

Touched up slightly since last year, the 2014 version of the Burton Freebird Jacket (it’s second) is better than ever. It uses three layers of stretchy high-quality fabric to keep the snow and wind out. The fabric is extra stretchy providing maximum comfort and maneuverability. It is also durable and will literally last for years on the slopes.

The Burton Freebird Jacket fits true to size and features a contoured hood.

If you’re learning towards the Burton Freebird Jacket, it’s important to keep it in mind that it is an outer shell jacket. It does a damn good job at what it is designed for – being a light, completely waterproof outer layer. However, if you’re riding in extremely cold conditions, you’re going to need something a little warmer underneath.


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