The force will be with you when you ride this board! Cheesy Star Wars jokes aside, the super cool Darth Vader graphic on the Burton Chopper Star Wars Snowboard is far from the only thing that makes this baby shine.

To start with: the Chopper board comes in a variety of sizes, all of which are aimed towards younger riders just getting a feel for our favorite sport. The three smallest sizes even come equipped with a Ringlet accessory so that you can pull your youngster around by the nose of their board until they’re ready to try out the hill all by themselves.

The Chopper Snowboard comes with Burton’s Easy Rider Combo. Basically, the name says it all. The combo is designed to make the board incredibly easy for beginning riders to learn on. The convex base is ‘catch-free,’ the flat profile between the feet make the board stable, and the soft flex (the softest possible) make turning and stopping a snap. Even the lightest of riders will be able to control the Chopper with ease.

The board’s twin shape and radial sidecuts make the Burton Chopper the perfect board for your youngsters to grow into. One of the problems with teaching your wee ones to ride is that they grow out of boards so quickly, both size and ability wise. While the Chopper won’t grow with your little one, it does provide a great platform for rapidly advancing skillsets. Even though it is aimed towards easy-going riders, it is durable and tough enough to take a thrashing in just about any conditions that the mountain has to offer.

The Burton Chopper Star Wars Snowboard isn’t all about looks – though its super smooth ones certainly don’t hurt it. It is an incredibly durable board that is perfect for young riders just starting out. Better yet, it runs for only $200, so it doesn’t break the bank.


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