Sure, a snowboard bag might not be the first thing on your list of snowboarding “must haves” for the upcoming (and, in many places, just beginning) season on the mountain, but a bag like the Burton Board Sack will last a lifetime and will also lengthen the life of your snowboards. Better yet, it’s cheap. Like the guys over at Burton say it’s “board insurance on a budget.”

The Burton Board Sack comes in a variety of sizes and colors to fit all snowboard lengths and people’s personal preferences. The bag’s 600D Polyester construction keeps your board safe and snug. The bag mainly offers protection from bumps, cuts, and scrapes (we all know disappointing it is to scratch your baby while transporting it). It’s not designed to protect against falls, drops, or big bangs, but, then again, having some protection for your board during an accident is better than none.

Zippered pockets line the outside of the bag for quick and easily-accessible storage. Throw your tuning tools and accessories in the pockets for easier access down the line. The Burton Board Sack also has a removable shoulder strap so that you can haul this baby around with ease.

The best thing about the Burton Board Sack is that it can fit multiple boards inside. I can fit my mini-arsenal of three sticks inside of the bag with room to spare. That’s definitely much nicer than dishing out money for three separate board bags.

All in all, the Burton Board Sack is one of the best bets as far as snowboarding bags go. Nothing else really competes with it.


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