With a pair of binoculars like the Brunton Icons, you will be set for life. You’ll never need another pair once you get your hands on them.

The Brunton Icons are solid. Though nothing is truly unbreakable, these are as close as it comes. They’re nitrogen filled, shock resistant, fog resistant, and water resistant. Their magnesium alloy frames are super strong and pretty much rock. The Brunton Icon’s durability is what lets you take this pair of binoculars into those situations that you really want to take them into in the first place. These are the binoculars for hunting and other outdoor adventures.

Better than just a pair of super strong binoculars, the Brunton Icons also come with one of the best warranties around. They come with Brunton’s ‘Halo’ warranty which ensures that the company “immediately replaces any Icon, for any reason, anywhere, for life.” Now, that’s solid.

Obviously, you’re not going to dish out $2,375 for a pair of binoculars that doesn’t perform well, and the Icons perform better than nearly any similar pair of binoculars on the planet. Their view is awesomely bright and sharp with near perfect contrast. Other high-end features that the Icons pack on include SK nano-coated prism glass, ED objective lenses, super-fast focusing capabilities, and a true-grip frame.

Though there are a lot of clones in the high-end binocular market, the Brunton Icon is not one of them. It is a completely unique, rugged, top-quality pair of extra eyes. If having a quality pair of binoculars is an essential part of your job or if you’re a hunting, birding, or stargazing enthusiast (or if you’re just a modern-day James Bond), then the Brunton Icon binoculars need to be slung around your neck.


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