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I’ve skated Bones Wheels my entire life. They’re my favorite skateboard wheels around.

I’ve experimented with quite a few of the different models and sizes offered by the legendary company. My all time favorites? Bones Wheels Whites 54mm. I skate a lot of parks and these things kick ass in bowls. When I skate street, I might size down to a 52 or 53mm. Sometimes (right now) I even rock 56mm Bones Wheels.

Anyways, you can imagine my delight when I came across the little video above detailing just how Bones Wheels – my favorite wheels – are made. It was produced a few years back but it is as relevant as ever. It gives a great little glimpse into the history of one of the coolest skateboarding companies around and shows how their products are made.

If you skate, then maybe you need to get some Bones Wheels of your own.

The new Bones Wheels video “New Ground” is also worth a peep =. If it isn’t much awesome, then what is? Ben Raybourn’s part is out of control.



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