Splitboarding has been around for years but it is largely a recent phenomenon. Until the last decade or so, snowboarders hoping to make it up into the untouched powder of the backcountry either had to hoof it or make one of their regular snowboards into a homemade splitboard.

That’s no longer the case. In fact, 2014 brings splitboarding fans over 60 different boards to choose from. Nearly all of the large snowboarding manufacturers now offer splitboards in their lineups.

Simply put, that’s a lot of boards to choose from. And when you’re investing money into something as pricey as a splitboard, you need to make sure that it is money well spent. That is where our 2014 review of the best splitboards comes into play. We have taken a look at all of this year’s splitboarding offerings and have selected five of our very favorite.

Here are the best 2014 splitboards in no particular order:

1. 2014 Burton Landlord Splitboard

The Best Splitboards of 2014 1

Backcountry riding never got this good. The 2014 Burton Landlord Splitboard is a directional twin powerhouse that allows you to choose from numerous stances to fine-tune perfection.

The board’s S-Rocker profile means that speed and float are your best friends. The rocker extends from your front foot to the nose. Camber is between the feet and drives back towards the tail. This unique setup provides maximum float without sacrificing momentum or stability. The Landlord’s directional flex makes for a poppy and resilient ride where control and maneuverability are the names of the game.

It’s available in 159 and 163 and runs for $800.

Find out more about the 2014 Burton Landlord Splitboard.

2. 2014 Rossignol XV Magtek Splitboard

The Best Splitboards of 2014 2

Move over competition, the 2014 Rossignol XV Magtek Splitboard is here. Tweaked and fine-tuned by Xavier de la Rue, the splitboard is all about big mountain destruction where bold, remote lines are just the icing on the cake.

The splitboard’s AmpTek All-Mountain profile throws together traditional camber between the bindings and moderate tip and tail rocker for a perfect combo. Stability, versatility, and float all benefit from this setup. To enhance control and edge hold, Magne-Traction is incorporated in the XV’s design from tip to tail. This board simply blasts through powder, with a super-stiff front end, a washier tail, and an incredibly powerful yet smooth overall feel.

It’s available in 167 only and runs for $600.

Find out more about the 2014 Rossignol XV Magtek Splitboard.

3. 2014 Jones Carbon Solution Splitboard

The Best Splitboards of 2014 3

It’s rare to find a “best of” list that pertains to snowboarding these days without a mention of Jones Snowboards. Simply put, snow legend Jeremy Jones’ personal brand of snowboards have always been known to rip. The Carbon Solution Splitboard is no different.

Right off the bat, it’s essential to point out that the 2014 Carbon Solution Splitboard from Jones is not a toy. Naturally, no snowboard is a toy, but the Carbon Solution is seriously fit for only the most experienced of backcountry snowboarders (even its price tag warrants this). Every single feature was designed with professional freeride destruction in mind like the kind thrown up by Jeremy and the Jones team. A stiff flex, directional shape, and directional rocker give the board a hyper-stiff and extremely responsive feel. Its light weight and forgiving feel are thanks to its carbon topsheet and carbon stringers. This splitboard is your solution to big lines, high speeds, and uneven terrain.

It’s available in 158, 161, and 164 and runs for $1,200.

Find out more about the 2014 Jones Carbon Solution Splitboard.

4. 2014 K2 Northern Lite Splitboard

The Best Splitboards of 2014 4

A splitboard specifically designed for highly skilled female rippers, the 2014 K2 Northern Lite Splitboard leads the charge as far as women’s splitboarding goes.

The Northern Lite was constructed as a solution to a common problem: woman riders needing to size down on a men’s splitboard. Naturally, this creates a less than ideal ride due to the weight, flex, and size imbalance created. K2 comes through once again with a top-of-the-line rip stick with a flex and width suited for woman riders. The tapered shape and hybrid camber give the board a sturdy and stable yet powerful feel on any terrain. The setback stance and lifted nose provide ample flotation so you can get on top of even the most epic, free flowing powder. Solid dampening and indestructible durability ensure you’ll be ripping on this incredibly comfortable splitboard for years to come.

It’s available in 152 and runs for $1,000.

Find out more about the 2014 K2 Northern Lite Women’s Splitboard.

5. 2014 Lib Technologies T. Rice HP Splitboard

The Best Splitboards of 2014 5

You already know the 2014 Lib Tech T. Rice HP Splitboard is top-notch just from the simple fact that it’s Travis Rice’s go-to board for backcountry domination.

The key characteristic of the T. Rice HP Split is its lightweight. Seriously though, this thing is insanely light. And if you’re an experienced splitboarder, you know that a light setup means an easier and less tiring climb and ride up the mountain. In addition to its miniscule weight, the T. Rice Splits comes with basalt for torsional rigidity. This might not sound very special but it actually makes the splitboard feel the exact same as a normal snowboard. Lib’s famous C2 BTX Power Banana/Camber Blend hooks the board up with an aggressive power stance for experienced shredders. Solid tip and tail pressure creates pop, power, and precision for days. And the small amount of pressure between the bindings helps in the stability, edgehold, and float department.

It’s available in 161.5 and 164.5 and runs for just under $1,000.

Find out more about the 2014 Lib Tech T. Rice HP Splitboard.


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