The Best Longboards On The Market

Longboarding is the popular thrilling open-air game. Nowadays, all kind of people interests in this sport. It offers a great ride and excellent fun.

longboard is founded by the Hawaii in the year of 1950s. It’s made from plywood materials.

Best Overall

Quest Skateboard Super Cruiser Longboard

The Best Longboards On The Market 1

» Beautiful artisan bamboo deck
» ABEC 7 speed bearings
» Best of the tradition brandCheck Price

The Best Longboards On The Market 2

After, 1990’s the Sector 9 was produce the longboards. They are changed the truck’s function.

The preference of each skater differs such that most of the manufacturers intend to develop the well-qualified longboards for making safe and crazy rides. No matter how perfect a skater’s riding whereas the riding performance won’t result well without having an extreme quality long.

As per our research, the Quest Super Cruiser captured the 1st place in best longboard of 2019.

If longboarding is your love, if you are searching for the best longboards, and if you are a beginner in longboard, don’t have to worry about that, here is a lot of information about longboards.
We’ve research more than 50 top models of longboards. After that, we’ve made the list of best longboards as per the design, quality, price, and features.Table of ContentTable: 10 Best Longboards of 2019Best Longboards- 10 Longboards reviewed1.Quest Super Cruiser Longboard2. Sector 9 Aperture Winder Longboard3. Atom Drop Through Longboard5. VOLADOR 42inch Freeride Longboard6. Atom Drop Deck Longboard7. RIMABLE Drop-Through Longboard8. Yocaher Complete Longboard9. Playshion 39 inch drop through10. White Wave Bamboo LongboardBest Longboard for GirlsBest Longboard for CrusingBest Longboard for BeginnersBest Longboard for DancingBest Longboard for collegeBest Longboard for CarvingBest longboard for SlidingBest Longboard for CommutingBest Longboard for tough terrainBest Longboard for heavier guysBest Longboards under $100Best Longboard under $200How to choose longboards?Wheels and BearingsRiding StyleShapes of longboardDeck StyleLongboard BrandsSector 9LandyachtzLoaded LongboardsAtomTypes of longboardsShapes of longboardsDeck Styles of LongboardsLongboard AccessoriesPenny board vs. LongboardLongboard vs. SkateboardBenefits of the longboardingEssential PrecautionFinal verdict

Table: 10 Best Longboards of 2019

ProductProduct NameView On Amazon
Quest Super Cruiser Longboard Skateboard Check Price
Sector 9 Aperture Sidewinder Check Price
Atom Drop Through Check Price
Ten Toes Bamboo Longboard Check Price
VOLADOR 42inch Freeride Longboard Check Price
Atom Drop Deck Longboard Check Price
RIMABLE Drop-Through Longboard Check Price
Yocaher Professional Speed Drop Down Check Price
Playshion 39 Inch Drop Through Freestyle Longboard Check Price
White Wave Bamboo Longboards Check Price

Best Longboards- 10 Longboards reviewed

Here we’ve listed the best 10 longboards of 2019. We have also mentioned the reviews, features, pros, and cons of the longboards nearly by their descriptions. You can buy a longboard with the help of our reviews.

1.Quest Super Cruiser Longboard

The quest longboard is made of a solid seven-ply blend of maple and bamboo woods, which holds the weight and stress of the user during the ride. It gives you a perfect balance, strength, and flexibility. It comes with a kick tail which is suits for all skating level.

The Best Longboards On The Market 1

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In its stability and easy controlling is the ideal choice for beginners. Its great deck style gives enough space to balance your body which is suitable for the beginners. Quest cruiser longboard comes out with 44 inches long to hold the weight of the user.

Wheel Diameter

70 mm


7 inch aluminum


9 pounds

While talking about the wheels and trucks, it is specially developed with 70 mm PDU wheels. The rate of this wheel is 80A durometer and 7-inch aluminum trucks to ride out smoothly at full speed without any breaking.

The amazing artesian bamboo design includes ABEC 5 bearings to enable the user to make sure about the smooth rolling. This quest longboard is well equipped with 4 mm hollow risers to keep you as safe on riding over the street.

This longboard is very compact size and lightweight, so you can carry out easily. It is suited for downhill riding and cruising.

The Best Longboards On The Market 4

44 inch artisan bamboo board

Stylish eye catching design

Comes with kick tail

The Best Longboards On The Market 5

Affordable price

Easy to control


Bottom Line:

If you are searching for the less affordable, stable, long-lasting, and high-quality longboard, quest cruiser is the best choice to buy.

2. Sector 9 Aperture Winder Longboard

The sector 9 aperture longboard is made of 8- ply maple materials. It includes ABEC 5 rating bearings, cutout wheels, and square lipped wheels.

The Best Longboards On The Market 6

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The gullwing Side Winder trucks allow you to make some adjustment with the deck as per your desire. The turns of this longboards are sharp enough to contribute the comfortable usage. It is an ideal choice for most of the longboard lovers due to its extreme fabulous features.

The powerful bearings of this longboard come out with the high quality to offer an awesome ride. Its flat comfortable sole allows the user to freely roll down through the rough terrains without any breakage.

Wheel Diameter

69 mm


10 inch Gullwing sidewinder trucks


7 pounds

Its soft smoothen wheels enable you not to put any strain or stress over your ankles and feet during a ride. With the flexible wheels and stress-free gliding longboard, you can able to go for an ultra smooth cruising.

This 36-inch Sector 9 longboard is specially designed with triples 8 brainwaves of rubber helmet to grant the safe and durable sliding effect. It affords the user with complete control over the handling during a ride.

Even in the moderate speed range, you can able to archive the extremely high stability and safe feel with the implementation of the double kingpin fractal. Like mentioned above, this sector 9 aperture longboard caters great looking with long term quality.

The Best Longboards On The Market 4

Drop through mounting

8 ply maple sheets

Ultra smooth cruising

The Best Longboards On The Market 5

Fast riding speed



Bottom Line:

If you want to ride a downhill, Sector 9 aperture is a perfect choice. It does not quickly break when you are bumped on.

3. Atom Drop Through Longboard

The 7 layers full maple laminate deck design of the atom drop through longboard is the main reason for the less expensive range, but it offers good adequate performance.

The truck of the atom is specially equipped with the 245 mm axles of reversing kingpin, which offers an ideal riding of experience.

The Best Longboards On The Market 9

View Price @ Amazon

Its ultra-low spectrum riding confess you to stay with high stability even at a greater speed. This atom drop through 41-inch longboard comes out with ABEC 9 bearings which are made through the high-quality materials to accelerate your longboard in a faster mode.

You can able to make a full radius turning from one corner to another with the smooth response mode by means of the small flex deck design. Its exterior laminate bamboo is specially designed with heat transfer ability that does not fade out easily.

Its maple wood and bamboo mixing offer the strong, durable and sturdy construction to withstand against all weather conditions. This light weighted longboard contributes the user with the easy carrying ability with full comfort.

Wheel Diameter

70 mm


50 degree angled truck


7.8 pounds

The width and length of this longboard become the great advantage for the people who found of this atom drop through 41-inch longboard for making an amazing ride. People with the biggest feet feel blessed to have this atom drop through longboard. It is good to put your feet on this longboard to go for comfortable riding with its excellent gripping facility.

The Best Longboards On The Market 4

Heat transfer ability

Maple laminated deck

High level stability

The Best Longboards On The Market 5

Fast riding speed



Bottom Line:

Love to have a smooth, fast and safe longboard ride, atom drop through 41-inch longboard is a perfect one to make your ride enjoyable

4. Ten Toes Bamboo Longboard
The ten toes emporium is made of blunt style bamboos. The weight of this board is 9.6 pounds, it’s a little heavier. The rank of the bearing is ABEC 7, it offers a comfortable ride.

The Best Longboards On The Market 12

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The 70 mm wheels are the small size of this longboard, so it is well suited for the fast cruiser. It comes with responsive reverse kingpins, 7-inch aluminum trucks, PU-cast black bushings, also great grip tape.

The ideal size, shape and, weight of this longboard will give the perfect ride even sunny weather. It is available in various colors so you can choose one as per your wish.

Wheel Diameter

70 mm


7 inch aluminum trucks


9.6 pounds

These bamboo boards are the best choice to keep safe in our environment. It is very light when compared to the other wooden boards, so it is the right choice for cruising.

The Best Longboards On The Market 4

Attractive sleek design

Perfect aluminum truck

80 AB grip tape

The Best Longboards On The Market 5

Easy to handle

Smooth ride

Long lasting

Bottom Line:

If you want to cruise ride, then try out this longboard. It offers the best ride in all types of surfaces, terrains, and pavements.

5. VOLADOR 42inch Freeride Longboard

Are you a college student? If you are using a vehicle to go for a college, I am sure it is very annoying to you. Because, the cars parking is difficult, buses are stuffed you, bikes are disturbed for pedestrians. So we prefer the Volador free ride longboards for you.

The Best Longboards On The Market 15

View Price @ Amazon

The weight of the volador longboard is 200 lbs, so little difficult to carry. But it will give an excellent balance to the overweight guys.

The deck is made from the 8-ply hardwood maple materials which are very strong and durable. It provides a comfortable ride to the user.

It had the 7-inch reverse kingpin truck set which is adjustable. You can customize the settings of the truck at 45 or 50 degrees.

Wheel Diameter

70 mm


180 mm aluminum trucks


9.6 pounds

The 70 mm wheel, 180 mm aluminum trucks, and ABEC 9 bearing offers a smooth ride to you. It is available in a variety of colors so you can choose as per your choice.

The Best Longboards On The Market 4

7 inch reverse kingpin

Non methanol epoxy

Sturdy design

The Best Longboards On The Market 5

Flexible to turn

Stability for paddling

High quality bearings

Bottom Line:

This drop-through board is an ideal choice for college students, cruising, and free riding.

6. Atom Drop Deck Longboard

The atom drop deck boards are made by high-quality materials, So you don’t have to worry about safety. The maple wood laminate deck increases the longboard stability and look. It prevents you from the wheel biting. The 70 mm soft and square lipped wheels ensure more stability and perfect riding.

The Best Longboards On The Market 18

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It had an ABEC 5 bearing which does not create a scary fast ride, so it is ideal for downhill beginners. This bearing lasts for a long duration. It helps to reach your long distance destination in a short period.

The heavy rider can enjoy their ride without any disturbance by using atom deck through longboards because it had 44-inch great size.

Wheel Diameter

70 mm


245 mm axles reverse kingpin truck


10 pounds

In its kingpin reverse trucks make your carving and cruising more interesting. The perimeter shape of this atom deck longboard offers a hassle free riding.

The Best Longboards On The Market 4

Ultra low riding style

Maple laminate deck

80s grip tape

The Best Longboards On The Market 5

Easy to push

Eliminate the wheel biting

High customization

Bottom Line:

If you would like to purchase a downhill longboards, try out the Atom Drop Deck Longboard. It improves the stability, reduces the strain of pushing, and offers an excellent ride to the user. It is also the perfect choice for beginners.

7. RIMABLE Drop-Through Longboard

Rimable drop through longboard does not only allow you to learn skating but also provide fast and safe free riding facility. It comes out with the 70 x 51 mm of PU wheels to withstand against strong and rough terrains during a ride. It is made from firm and strong high quality materials.

The Best Longboards On The Market 21

View Price @ Amazon

It is the perfect choice for the people who want to grasp the benefit of speed turning radius riding with a tight gripping. This 41-inch Rimable drop through longboard is equipped with adequate safety measures to reduce the accidents.

The wheel design is well known for its high stability factor and the gripping quality allow you to have a perfect balance over the surface. Not only it provides an accurate balancing, but it also comes out with the wobble-free cruising even at the high-speed riding.

Wheel Diameter

70 mm


7 inch aluminum truck


8 pounds

You can able to affixed well onto this low longboard deck to attain an ultra resistance spectrum during a slow riding without any tear. The board is specially implemented with the 9-ply full maple laminated deck material to contribute a firm construction.

It also includes 7 inch of 180 aluminum trucks to secure the longboard getting damage due to heavyweight riding. It can hold 300-pounds of user weight. Its ABEC 9 bearings come out with the ability of high-speed lubricating effect during the full speed riding.

The Best Longboards On The Market 4

Ultra low resistance

Holds 300 lbs weight

Perfect grip tape

The Best Longboards On The Market 5

Quality wheels

Perfect design 

Smooth and fast ride

Bottom Line:

Do you like to skate with the high-speed longboards to attain a great balancing throughout your riding? You can prefer Rimable drop through 41-inch longboard which is one of the best options foe high-speed performance.

8. Yocaher Complete Longboard

This longboard consists of high-quality wheels, bearing and trucks to meet the entire rider’s need.

If you are the professional longboard rider, this longboard is the best preferable to archive the high-speed performance riding with full satisfaction. The deck is mounted in the drop-down configuration to provide the low range of center of gravity as well as increased stability.

The Best Longboards On The Market 24

View Price @ Amazon

It is easy to take a ride with this longboard due to its low deck’s drop down the facility. Its concaved deck allows the user to a snug fit their feet on to the board for better balancing. This longboard consists of ABEC 7 chrome bearings of efficient quality with low tolerance ability.

A yoacher longboard is usually designed with non-flexing and its multifunctional wheels offer a replacement facility in case of repairmen. Its reasonable price attracts most of the user to have this for each ride.

Wheel Diameter

70 mm


180 mm heavy duty truck


8.9 pounds

Heavy duty trucks are implemented with the 180mm hanger aluminum alloy in this Yocaher longboard to allow the rider to take a perfect turning radius. Yocaher professional speed drop through longboard is the best-dedicated device for its high quality, stability, fast smooth riding, and tight turning radius.

The Best Longboards On The Market 4

180 mm hanger aluminum alloy

9-ply maple materials

Black window grip tape design

The Best Longboards On The Market 5

High quality bearing

Easy to control

Perfect for beginners

Bottom Line:

The Yocaher professional longboard is ideal for both intermediate riders and professional riders. It comes with 22 different color mixtures with similar features and quality. It is best to learn dance, wave, and slide.

9. Playshion 39 inch drop through

The playshion is the multifunction longboard. You can use it for cruising, carving, downhill, free ride and freestyle. It is made from 8-ply maple hardwood material which provides more flexibility.

It is specially featured with the high-speed lubricant of ABEC 9 rated bearings used for attaining the maximum performance.

The Best Longboards On The Market 27

View Price @ Amazon

Its deck board comes out with 39-inch length which making a perfect ride. It is highly manufactured with the high-quality polyurethane wheels of 70 mm diameter to hold the rider balanced over the longboard.

Its fabulous graphic design quality gives high stability even for the people who started to learn for the first time.

Wheel Diameter

70 mm


7 inch aluminum truck


6.6 pounds

The top bearing is used in this longboard to achieve high-speed performance and smooth riding experience. Its wobble-free wheels give you smooth experience even at the high-speed riding. While looking onto the acceleration, you don’t want to take much effort to ride this longboard.

The Best Longboards On The Market 4

8-ply maple hardwood material

High-quality polyurethane wheel

Drop through mounting technology

The Best Longboards On The Market 5

Holds up to 250 lbs


Easy to handle and customize

Bottom Line:

To travel by longboard which looks fabulous and affixed with top qualified materials? Go with this Playshion 39 inch through longboard.

10. White Wave Bamboo Longboard

The directional shape of white wave bamboo longboard is the best for kicktail. The shape gives a perfect ride for carving and commuting.

The deck of this longboard is constructed by the sturdy 9-ply bamboo and multiple layers of Canadian maple. Both increase the stability of longboards.

The Best Longboards On The Market 30

View Price @ Amazon

Its lower center of gravity increases the stability of the longboard even at high speed.

The ABEC 9 rated bearings offer smooth and even speed while you riding. The creative design and rocking color combination are attracted by the youngsters.

The superior quality PU wheels of these longboards are reducing the risk of melting. The top-rated aluminum truck provides more flexibility when you turn.

Wheel Diameter

70 mm


180 mm aluminum truck


8.5 pounds

It gives a soft and smooth ride even in a complicated situation when compared to the other models. It includes heat transfer graphics which is simple to use.

The Best Longboards On The Market 4

Clear grip tape

Sturdy heat transferred graphics

Rebound urethane wheels

The Best Longboards On The Market 5

Ideal for commuting, carving

Shock absorbent wheels

Fast ride

Bottom Line:

If you want the fast ride during the downhill racing you should pick the hard bushings. The white wave longboard also had the different types of bushings for different types of riding styles.

Top 10 Longboards Comparison Table

Product NameWeightSizeDeck
Quest Super Cruiser Longboard9 lbs44 inch7 Ply Super Flex Bamboo
Sector 9 Aperture Sidewinder6.9 lbs36 inch8 Ply maple
Atom Drop Through7 lbs41 inchMaple wood & bamboo
Ten Toes Bamboo Longboard3.52 lbs44 inch8-ply Canadian maple
VOLADOR 42inch Freeride Longboard6.8 lbs42 inch8-ply natural hardrock maple
Atom Drop Deck Longboard10.14 lbs41 inchFull maple laminate deck
RIMABLE Drop-Through Longboard7.8 lbs41 inch9-ply Full maple laminate deck
Yocaher Professional Speed Drop Down8.6 lbs41 inch9-ply maple
Playshion Drop Through Longboard7.4 lbs39 inch8 Plies Maple Material
White Wave Bamboo Longboards9 lbs40inchBamboo & Canadian Maple

Best Longboard for Girls

Nowadays girls also interested to play longboarding. There are different types of girl’s longboards available in the market.

The Best Longboards On The Market 33

Best Longboard for Girls

Quest Skateboards Super Cruiser Longboard is the ideal choice for girls. It is also best for beginner girls. The 7-inch aluminum truck and PU wheels offer a soft and smooth ride to you.  Here are some girls longboards are preferred for you.

Best Longboard for Crusing

Cruising is one variety of longboard technique. For cruising, stability and pushing are the major factors.  You have seen a variety of longboards for cruising.

The Best Longboards On The Market 34

Best Longboard for Cruising

We’ve picked the best one for you. VOLADOR 42inch Freeride Longboard Complete Cruiser is the best choice for cruising ride. It includes 7-inch reverse kingpin trucks and ABEC-9 bearings which gives stable riding. Choose the best cruising longboards with the help of our review.

Best Longboard for Beginners

Longboarding is the funniest, excited, challenging, and risky game for everyone especially, beginners. If you want to learn longboard riding, try out the Atom Drop-Through Longboard.

The Best Longboards On The Market 35

Best Longboard for Beginners

It is the best longboard for beginners which available in today’s market. In its lower center of gravity offers more stability while you are riding. The price of this longboard is affordable. We’ve presented the reviews of best longboard for learners.

Best Longboard for Dancing

Dancing in longboard is a pretty risky task. Only trainers will do this.

The Best Longboards On The Market 36

Best Longboard for Dancing

If you are a longboard dancer and searching for a longboard to show your talent, Playshion 39 Inch Drop Freestyle Through longboards are the perfect choice for you. You can also learn dance by using this longboards. The 180 mm aluminum truck offers perfect balance while you are dancing.

The Best Longboards On The Market 37
The Best Longboards On The Market 38

Best Longboard for college

Everyone is interested to use longboard for commuting. Especially youngsters are like to use for college.

The Best Longboards On The Market 39

Best Longboard for College Campus

Longboards are more comfortable when compared to other vehicles such as bikes, cars, etc. Sector 9 Aperture Sidewinder Complete longboard creates a stylish look while you are riding. You can also use it for downhill, cruising and freestyle riding.

Best Longboard for Carving

Carving is one kind of best longboard style. Quick tight turns and speed through pumping are the major factors to consider while you purchase a carving longboard.

The Best Longboards On The Market 40

Best Longboard for Carving

We’ve researched more than 40 models of longboards. After that, we’ve made lists of top rated 10 longboards for carving. Yocaher Professional Speed Drop Down Stained Complete Longboard is the best choice for riding carving style.

Best longboard for Sliding

If you want to do innovative sliding, use this Landyachtz Switch Longboard. It is one of cool looking longboard which is suits for sliding.

The Best Longboards On The Market 41

Best Longboard for Sliding

This board is made from Canadian maple and fiberglass materials. In its 32-inch wheelbase offers excellent sliding capabilities and stable performance while you are doing sliding. The symmetrical shape of this longboard gives you possible trick combinations.

Best Longboard for Commuting

Nowadays most of the people interest to use longboard for their daily work. Smoothness, great maneuverability, portability, and easy storage are the quality of commuting longboards.

The Best Longboards On The Market 42

Best Longboard for Commuting

The longboard that provides all these qualities would be the perfect choice for daily usage. We’ve picked the Loaded Boards Icarus Bamboo Complete Longboard, as per the reviews, quality, and testing. In its versatile curving machine is perfectly suited for freeriding, curving, freestyle, and urban commuting.

Best Longboard for Downhill
Most of the riders want to adventure in their ride, so they are choosing downhill or uphill ride with high speed.

The Best Longboards On The Market 43

Best Longboard for Downhill

We’ve list the best 7 downhill longboards. As per our team researching we’ve picked the Rimable Drop-through Longboard is best for downhill riding.  Its 44-inch deck gives an extraordinary riding feel to you. The 70*51 mm wheel supplies fast speed.

Best Longboard for tough terrain

If you want to ride in tough terrain areas you should have the strong and perfect longboards like MBS II all-terrain longboards.

The Best Longboards On The Market 44

Best Longboard for Tough Terrain

It is made from the 10-ply maple materials. In its rebound polyurethane wheels can handle the rough roads. It doesn’t break easily. The 190 mm navigator drone truck provides a comfortable ride in tough terrain places.

Best Longboard for heavier guys

 If you are searching for longboards for your heavy weight, these magneto bamboo and white wave bamboo are the perfect choice. These longboards are hold up to 300 lbs weight.

The Best Longboards On The Market 45

Best Longboard for Heavy Guys

There are different prices of longboards available in the market. There are many brands available in cheap and best prices.Among them, we’ve classified as the best into your budget. 

Best Longboards under $100

If you are searching for the best longboard under $100 these Quest Super Cruiser, Atom Drop Through, and SCSK8 Blank Pintail Longboards are the best choices.

The Best Longboards On The Market 46

Quest Super Cruiser

The Best Longboards On The Market 47

Atom Drop Through

The Best Longboards On The Market 48

SCSK8 Blank Pintail

Best Longboard under $200

Sector 9 Blue Wave Lookout drop through Complete Longboard and Moose Drop Down Complete Longboard are the best choice when you pick under $200.

The Best Longboards On The Market 49

Sector 9 Blue Wave

The Best Longboards On The Market 50

Moose Drop Down

The Best Longboards On The Market 51

Magneto Bamboo 

How to choose longboards?

With the stylish longboard, you can able to obtain an unlimited fun time each day. While moving on to have your own longboard, it is difficult to find the best one among several brands that suit well with your body and way of riding style.

For your quick pick up, we have narrated some of the important factors in this article such that you can consider it during your longboard purchase.

Wheels and Bearings

The Best Longboards On The Market 52

Make sure in your mind about the longboards that do not include high-quality wheels and bearings. Its wheel bearing should be implemented with high-quality material and sturdy enough to withstand the longboard speed. So before you purchase a longboard you should check the wheels and bearings.

Riding Style

Prefer the longboard based on your riding level such as beginner, intermediate or professional riding level. Check and verify the ability level of the longboard to match the rider’s skill level.

The Best Longboards On The Market 53

The longboard style with the qualified setup provides the hope for making the fabulous riding experience. Every longboard riders belong to different levels of riding styles such as carving, cruising, downhill, freeride and freestyle riding. So it is important to choose the longboard based on your riding style in which you are well experienced.

Shapes of longboard

Be careful to select the shapes of the longboard that withstand the weight of the user.

The directional types of longboards are designed to go along a single directional path which is best suited for a cruiser, downhill, and freestyle riding. Whereas the symmetrical types of longboards are created for freeriding and freestyle riding.

Deck Style

Make sure to justify the speed of the longboard that balance both your body as well as the longboard to have a perfect ride.

It is necessary to check the longboard’s deck style that is mainly used for influencing the stability range of the longboard. The quality and performance of the longboard are depended on the deck style. There are four kinds of deck styles available which are a top mount, drop through, drop deck, and double drop.

Longboard Brands

There are many manufactures are created in longboard industry. As per our researching we’ve lists the best top brands of longboards.

The Best Longboards On The Market 54

Sector 9

Sector 9 started 1993s by avid skaters in California. They are started to manufactured high-quality longboards and required longboard accessories such as gloves, suits. Sector 9 produces a variety of longboards which are excellent for all longboarding styles.


Landyachtz started to make longboards in 1997. The founder of this company was Michael Perreten and Thomas Edstrand are focusing on designing downhill longboards. Their mission was designing the longboards to increase the rider’s life. They also offer gears such as truck, wheels, bearings and grip tape.

Loaded Longboards

One of the best manufacture companies of longboard is Loaded longboard. It was founded in 2002 and is located in Culver City. These guys have launched high-quality dancing and freestyle longboards. After that, they are concentrating on producing the trick longboards. Their flexible bamboo longboards are having the unparalleled carving quality when compared to the other brands of longboards. They are focusing on manufacturing freestyle, dancing, freeride, and downhill longboards. They also owning Orangatang wheel brand. The Loaded Longboards brands are worth able products.


If you are searching for the longboard in affordable price, check out the Atom brands of longboards. It was started in 2005. The main thought of this brand is to produce electric and tough terrain longboards. In its drop-through, drop-deck, pintail, and kicktail boards are very popular. The atom brands of longboards are perfect for beginners, experts and also it is very budget friendly.

Types of longboards

Longboard is classified into 5 types that are Downhill, Drop through, carving, free ride and free style. Based on the function, shape, and deck style it is classified into many types.

1. Downhill Longboards

Downhill longboards are best for down the hills riding. Downhill Boards are made of high-quality materials.

The Best Longboards On The Market 55

You can also use it for riding on tough terrains. It has a lot of unique shapes and curves. Our team researched more than 40 top models of longboards. After that, we’ve made the lists of best downhill longboards.

2. Drop Through Longboards

Drop-through longboards are used for relaxing ride. It gives you perfect stability while you are riding. So you don’t have to worry about safety.

The Best Longboards On The Market 56

This longboard has holes in the nose and tail. It is easy to ride and perfect for all type of ride such as carving, cruising, sliding, freestyle, and pushing. It has a flexy deck which provides better speed and stable performance. Drop-through longboards are the best choice for both beginners and intermediate riders.

3. Carving Longboards

Carving longboards are used for slow down, and pumping. It has a curve on the top of the board that keeps your feet very secure.

The Best Longboards On The Market 57

Maximum carving longboards are similar to the cruising longboards. In its ultra soft wheels helps to maintain the traction at all time. As per our research, Atom, Sector 9, and white wave brands are manufactured the best carving longboards.

4. Free ride Longboards

Free ride longboards are creating more fun while you are riding cruising and carving. It comes with a variety of sizes and shapes.

The Best Longboards On The Market 58

Most of the free ride longboard had a drop-through deck. Some of the Longboards are having a double drop. Free ride Longboards come with different types of concaves and cambers to secure your feet. Before you go for a free ride, you should wear a helmet and gloves.

5. Free style Longboards

Most of the people confused about the difference between free ride and freestyle longboards.

The Best Longboards On The Market 59

Freestyle longboards are used for more innovative and technical styles such as sidestepping tricks, kick flips, and dancing. The large deck and drop through styles of this longboards give more flexibility while you are riding. It is also having the kick tail. Freestyle longboards are an excellent choice for beginners to learn longboarding skills.

Shapes of longboards

There are two shapes are having the longboard Directional or Twin shapes. Twin board means you can ride both ways. The directional board can be ridden on only one direction

Directional (Asymmetrical)

The directional boards include the round tail, pintail shapes. It gives perfect stability, and surf style feels while you are riding. Downhill, cruising and carving boards have the directional shapes.

Symmetrical (Twin)

Twin boards are suitable for technical tricks. Freestyle and freeride are the twin boards. If you are planning to do 180-degree slides twin boards are the best choice. It has one kick tail at the end of the board.

Deck Styles of Longboards

Deck style is an essential factor of the longboards. The quality and performance of the longboard are depended on the deck style. There are four kinds of deck styles available which are a top mount, drop through, drop deck, and double drop. Drop through and drop deck are ideally suited for cruising, but not for speed.

1. Top Mount

The center of the gravity is higher when compared to the other deck styles because the deck is mounted above the trucks. It increases the turning support. These types of boards are versatile so you can use them for caving, cruising, downhill, freestyle, and free ride. It is faster when compared to the dropped boards.

2. Drop through

The trucks are mounted through the boards are called drop through decks. It improves the board’s stability and eliminates fatigue while pushing the longboards. It is ideally suited for long-distance travel, free ride, downhill, and commuting.

3. Drop deck

The drop deck is molded on the standing area of the longboard which produces the center of the gravity.  This lowering gravity increases the stability and removes the fatigue while you are braking. The drop amount of deck is measured by the inches. It looks like weird. These styles of boards are generally used for free ride and downhill riding.

4. Double Drop

The double drop is the combination of both drop through and drop deck styles. It is the highest stability deck style when compared to the other deck styles. It is also more expensive and only used on special downhill longboards. It is difficult to construct.

Longboard Accessories

The longboards should have the best quality bearings, wheels, trucks, Bushing, and lights.

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Longboard Accessories

Longboard bearings

Choosing longboard bearing is an important thing because it is the main factor of the longboard. The bearings help to eliminate the friction and improve the speed while you are riding. The best bearings are rated by the ABEC standard (Annular Bearing Engineers Committee). ABEC 3 rated bearings are the best choice for cruising. High rated bearings are the best choice for downhill and racing. The Bone red and spacer branded bearings are last for a long time. If the bearing rate is ABEC 5, it is an ideal choice for a free ride.

Longboard wheels

Wheels perform an essential role in a longboard. It gives you a grip while you are riding. The wheels performance depends on the shape, height, width, duro meter, and core style.


The wheels had the two shapes that are round and square.

The round lipped wheels offer less traction for turns.  They are easy to slide when compared to the square shape bearings. The round shape wheels are the best choice for free-riders and freestylers.

The square-lipped wheel gives more traction for turns. This type of wheels is perfect for cruising, downhill, and carving riders.

Height and Width

The wider wheels provide more grips to you, but it works slowly. 75 mm is the ideal height of the wheel. It gives a smooth ride to you. Small height wheels perform fastly, but they increase the risk of accidents.

Duro meter

Durometer is used to measure the quality of the wheels. It is specified by the letters such as ‘a’ or ‘b’. “a” refers more rubbery and soft materials while “b” refers to hard plastic materials. The lower durometer (a) offers more traction, and the harder wheels give less traction.

Core style

Cores are classified into three types that are Sideset, Centerset, and Offset. It helps to increase the life of the wheel and offers grip and stability.

Longboard trucks

It is an essential part while we consider about longboards. So you should choose the perfect trucks for your longboard. The trucks are used to connect the wheel to the deck of the longboards. It has an inverted kingpin which gives more stability and speed control. You can tight or releasing the trucks. The tight trucks are an ideal choice for high speed while the looser trucks are perfect for turns. 

Longboard Lights

The lights are not necessary accessories for longboard. But if you are going for a night rid, it is essential. You could easy to install and uninstall the lights. These lights are most helpful to the opposite riders.

Longboard Land Paddle

Pushing a long stick without pumping with the help of legs is called land paddling. The stick is named a paddle. You can use the paddle for put brake and turn. If you are a beginner to the longboard riding, the paddle is very helpful to learn.

Longboard Bushing

The bushing is an essential factor of the longboard. It gives the resistance to your truck of the longboard. The trucks are doesn’t work without the bushing. There are four kinds of bushing styles available, that are Tall Barrel, Standard Barrel, Short Boardside Barrel, Short Roadside cone.

In the longboard world, there are different types of boards are available.  So the people confused to choose it, especially beginners. Here we’ve differentiated the penny boards, longboards, and skateboards.

The Best Longboards On The Market 61

Penny board vs. Longboard

The penny boards are small skateboards which are made of plastic materials, but the wheels are metal.  Penny boards are very sturdy and long-lasting.  The weight of the penny boards is just 4 pounds so it is very portable to carry. It also comes with a variety of designs, and colors. So you can choose them as per your wish. It is perfect choice for commuting. It is easily fitted on your backpacks. The downside of the penny board is too small.

The longboards are used to ride the downhill. It has a large foot space when compared to the penny boards. It is also last for a long period similar to penny boards. Bamboo is a popular type of longboards. It is small which gives more flexibility to the user. The downside of this longboard is a little heavier, so carried out is hard.

Longboard vs. Skateboard

Skateboards are also similar to longboards. It is smaller which is easy to customize. Skateboards are small, lightweight and affordable when compared to the longboards. You can easily fit into your backpack. Skateboards are the best choice for learners.

Longboard and skateboard both are used for riding. The shape and nose of the longboard are larger when compared to the skateboards. The round shape wheel longboards are the perfect choice for high-speed riding while the square shape wheel longboards are the best choice for the cruising ride.

Benefits of the longboarding

Longboarding gives you a lot of health benefits. It helps to relieve you from the stress. Regular longboarding should help to reduce your weight. It increases your body strength and improves the heartbeat. If you are riding longboard regularly, it builds muscle to your body. It enhances the balance to your backbone. Longboarding also helps to decrease cholesterol. It gives you a perfect body structure. The major advantage of this longboard is environmentally friendly. You can also use the longboard for your daily transportation like going to colleages, and works. The longboards don’t produce harmful gases like smoke, noise, and liquid, etc.

Essential Precaution

While you are going for a longboard ride, you should follow some safety precautions.

  1. Always wear helmet while you’re riding, because it prevents you from head injury. Choose a quality helmet for your safety ride. The helmet should be standard. 
  2. If you are doing a slide, the gloves are necessary to wear.
  3. Wearing knee pads are preventing you from the scratches.
  4. You have to wear the longboard shoe to protect your feet from injuries.

Before you go for a longboard ride, you should check the longboard and essential gears.

Final verdict

Most of them love and prefer to have a longboard ride due to its multipurpose beneficial factor. Longboard consists of several advantages that provide lots of fun, freedom, joy and cruising alone or with the friend’s gang.

You can grasp the ability to balance your body by owning this longboard. For someone who finds difficult to stand for a long timing without having such a balancing quality, longboard serves its best to help out a better balancing.


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