For years now, GoPro has been producing the cameras that define action footage. Their HD Hero 3 and HD Hero Naked are two of the best of their offerings.

So many people use GoPros to film their daily adventures that it’s no wonder there are so many awesome videos shot on a GoPro camera out there. They are small, nearly indestructible, waterproof, and can be taken almost anywhere and strapped onto nearly any object. Better yet, they produce incredibly high-quality images for their size.

Below are ten awesome videos that we’ve bundled up from around the web. All of them were shot on GoPro cameras. Enjoy.

1. GoPro Stolen By A Seagull

We start things off right with this funny video of a seagull snatching an unsuspecting person’s GoPro.

[youtube id=”RArofHji8CU” width=”450″ height=”260”]

2. Pogo Stick GoPro

When is the last time you took a hop on a pogo stick? If it hasn’t been since you were a kid, this GoPro video might just make you want to hunt one down.

[youtube id=”cxxm87yjzbE” width=”450″ height=”260”]

3. Jeb Corliss “Grinding the Crack”

Wingsuit diving is absolutely insane! This GoPro video featuring professional Jeb Corliss shows you why.

[youtube id=”TWfph3iNC-k” width=”450″ height=”260”]

4. Mountain Biker Taken Out by Buck

Mountain biking is dangerous enough as it is before you throw wild animals into the mix!

[youtube id=”S2oymHHyV1M” width=”450″ height=”260”]

5. GoPro Director’s Cut – Shark Riders

This GoPro video features an awesome look at a group of daring people that actually swim with (or rather ride on) sharks!

[youtube id=”bj5ufMLKYhk” width=”450″ height=”260”]

6. Tour of Grain Elevator Buffalo, NY

Though not quite as fast-paced as the other GoPro videos on this list, the grain elevator of Buffalo, NY sure is interesting.

[youtube id=”II23yFG1YWM” width=”450″ height=”260”]

7. GoPro HD Gymnastics With POV

Every video looks awesome from a GoPro. Footage of gymnastics included.

[youtube id=”SqmizywSs70″ width=”450″ height=”260”]

8. Snowboarding With a GoPro

You know we had to feature at least one snowboarding video on this list! This one is as good as any.

[youtube id=”UGY82g3gTSc” width=”450″ height=”260”]

9. GoPro: Alana Blanchard Surfer Girl

Alana Blanchard absolutely rips. This day-in-the-life style video shows you how hard.

[youtube id=”4lJQz1COEWI” width=”450″ height=”260”]

10. Walmart RC GoPro

As a kid, I always loved to ride bikes through Walmart. I never even imagined driving an RC car through it. This GoPro video helps fulfill my fantasy.

[youtube id=”5zSBXyMUvbE” width=”450″ height=”260”]

What about you guys? What are your favorite GoPro videos?


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