Imagine taking a trip to an exotic island or remote wilderness and getting a photo album worth of pictures without ever looking through a camera lens. A new camera called the Autographer re-imagines photography. Billed as the “world’s first intelligent, wearable camera,” the Autographer is like your own personal paparazzi. Unlike the real paparazzi, this one keeps a low profile, quietly chronicling your adventure of the day.

The Autographer, which was designed by British manufacturer OMG Life, puts a new spin on point of view, taking photos automatically without any input from its owner. You wear the camera around your neck or clipped to your clothing, and with the help of five internal sensors – accelerometer, magnetometer, PIR, temperature and color sensors, it waits for opportune moments and snaps photos continuously. You get a full photo log of your day without ever having to stop what you’re doing. Of course, you can control settings such as the rate of photo capture to ensure the picture taking goes as you’d like it to.

The Autographer could be the perfect gadget for everything from travel to journalism. It empowers an entirely new type of photo capturing that should be both easy and insightful. Not only do you get to show your world in a new way, you may just see it in a new way. You also get to just live and experience the world, rather than constantly searching for the perfect photo. Imagine truly immersing yourself in a vacation without ever looking for a photo op – you enjoy it first hand and let the Autographer create the souvenir shots. OMG Life says that the camera can snap thousands of photos in a day.

In addition to the five aforementioned sensors, the Autograph has a GPS receiver that provides integrated location information. It shoots photos through a 136-degree lens and 5 MP sensor and packs 8 GB of internal storage. The camera weighs 58 grams. The battery lasts for up to a full day.

Being able to photo-log your life wouldn’t be much use in today’s connected world without the ability to instantly share with friends, family and strangers. The Autographer connects to your smartphone with Bluetooth, and an app allows you to view, tag and share your photos instantly. Keep your contacts apprised of every waking move by dumping the Autograph’s memory unto the world.
When you get back home, you can use the desktop software for more in-depth editing and sharing. The software lets you create stop-frame videos and GIFs, and data from the camera’s sensors is displayed alongside your photo, adding additional context.

The Autographer was announced earlier this year and is scheduled to hit the market next month. Recent media reports put the retail price around £399, which seems a little expensive when considering that it will probably be a secondary camera for most folks. Perhaps the category of intelligent, wearable cameras will take off, bringing more competition and lower prices. Until then, you’ll want to have a decent chunk of disposable income, vanity or both to consider buying one.


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