If you’re a big boy or just a guy with big feet, then the Artec Phenom Wide Snowboard is the board for you. It’s specifically designed with larger riders in mind – think a size 13 boot – but doesn’t sacrifice any of the smooth handling that Artec snowboards are known and loved for.

Personally, my own feet aren’t very big, so I checked with a buddy of mine who runs size 13 Jordans and he said that snowboarding is often a chore for him. Rather than enjoy every second of being on the mountain, he has to constantly worry about catching his toes or heels while riding. That’s on a normal board, however. We got him hooked up with an Artec Phenom and his ‘toe-drag’ problems vanished in a flash. He claimed that the board made him feel ‘more nimble on the slopes than ever before.’

Though the board is wider where the bindings sit, Artec cuts a little weight and increases maneuverability by slimming things down at the nose and tail. Add the company’s one-of-a-kind revolutionary Omega sidecut into the mix and you have a board that handles like a true…well, phenom!

The Artec Phenom is well-equipped for just about every type of snow condition that the mountain can throw at you. It digs in deep in the hardpack, floats over powder, and excels at everything in between. It’s also comfortable in just about any area of the mountain – from the park to the backcountry to the manicured slopes, this board has you covered.

Though it’s probably not quite wide enough for Shaq to ride, the Artec Phenom should cover all of the bases for most dudes with big feet. Buy this board and you’ll never have to worry about that dreaded toe-drag again. Riding this board will greatly improve your time spent on the mountain.

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  1. I’ve got a size 17 Ride Bigfoot boot. Size 13 is a fricken dream compared to me! Really thinking about this board, thanks for the review!


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