Ride long enough and you’ve been there at least once: You slide off your favorite lift, go to strap in and realize your binding is rattling around like a baby throwing a tantrum. The resort’s screwdriver bench is at the base, and you’re faced with the awkward decision of a potentially ankle-breaking ride or turning tail and riding back down the lift like a frightened child facing his first double black.

Holds up your pants and adjusts your bindings

It’s too late to save past face, but you can prevent having to go through that type scenario again. Tools can be too bulky and sharp to carry around, but the 686 Snow Toolbelt gives you a few snowboarding essentials in a low profile package that you won’t even notice. Literally a belt, it does double duty, keeping your pants where you want them while preparing you for inevitable breakdowns.

The waterproof leather belt straps #2 Phillips and flathead screwdrivers and 8-, 10- and 11-mm wrenches to your waist where you’ll never forget them – except maybe on a post-hook-up morning rush out the door. The Toolbelt also gives you a bottle opener, so you can pop a beer and get started on the next night’s hook up just as soon as you roll into the base village.

The 686 Snow Toolbelt is available for $30, which isn’t bad considering you can wear it year round. There are very few occasions in a man’s life when having a set of tools on his belt would be a bad thing.


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