Built to last and to stand up to any and all abuse that even the most hardcore skier/snowboarder can throw at them, the 2014 Strafe Nomad Pants are a seriously impressive piece of outwear.

The top-of-the-line winter snow pants are made of an incredibly soft and stretchy nylon fabric that keeps you dry and warm without sacrificing comfort or mobility.

15 inch zippers on each thigh (complete with zipper pulls) allow you to regulate your body temperature if you’re on the mountain on a warm day (or if you’re spending the day trekking). The Strafe Nomad Pants feature very simple powder cuffs that keep the snow out without any fancy snaps or Velcro. The cuff simply fits over or under your boot and does its job.

Perhaps the highlight of these Strafe Nomad Pants are their waterproofing. You could ride through a monsoon in these and you’d still be dry underneath them. In fact, they were built specifically to combat extremely inclement weather conditions, complete with zippers and seams that keep moisture out. The Nomad’s waterproofing alone makes it worth the big bucks.

The 2014 Strafe Nomad Pants are some of the best snowboarding/skiing pants available this season. They’re a no-frills piece of equipment that looks good and is one of the top performers in their class.


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