Strafe is a fairly new company based out of Aspen, Colorado that specializes in high-performance outwear for winter snow sports such as snowboarding and skiing. Previously on Much Awesome, we took a look at their Nomad Pants. Today we look at the second piece of the Nomad puzzle: the 2014 Strafe Nomad Jacket.

Like the pants of the same name, the Strafe Nomad Jacket puts quality first. Everything about the jacket from the outer material to the interior two layers (it works a three-layer set-up) to its additional small features deliver high-performance.

The jacket holds up extremely well to the type of conditions that the backcountry can throw at a rider: extreme cold and extreme moisture. The Strafe Nomad Jacket will keep you warm and dry even if Mother Nature has the opposite idea.

A few of the jacket’s coolest special features include cuffs with a built-in thumb and wrist cover, large front pockets each with a nine inch opening, a stash pocket on the left forearm, and an inside pocket for an iPod (complete with a taped slit for headphones). All of the jacket’s zippers are fully taped so that not a flake of snow or a drop of moisture can get inside.

The Strafe Nomad Jacket also sports a handy removable powder skirt to further keep snow out. The skirt has snaps that connect it to the Nomad Pants for the best protection possible. Eighteen inch zip pits on each sleeve give you the ability to regulate your body temperature when you’re working hard.

Craftsmanship, durability, comfort, and style are at the forefront of the Strafe Nomad Jacket. If you’re looking for one of the best possible snowboarding jackets for the 2014 season on the mountain, then look no farther. Your body will be happy that you picked up as good of protection as the Nomad Jacket.



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