If you’re looking for a splitboard for the upcoming 2014 season, then the Salomon Rancho Splitboard is an excellent bet. It’s incredibly lightweight, very strong and durable, and rides just like an actual snowboard.

The Rancho Splitboard comes only in a 160. It has a tapered directional shape with backseat camber. Both of these things improve stability and float when you’re bombing through fresh powder. Salomon is also offering two of its other popular snowboards as splitboards in 2014: the Derby (147) and Sickstick (166). You’ve got options.

As for the best all-around Salomon splitboard, the Rancho has got that covered. It’s capable of reaching high speeds without sacrificing anything in the way of maneuverability or precision. It’s got enough pop to get the job done and enough edge control to function like a boss on ice. It’s truly an all around badass of a splitboard.

Steel inside and outside edges ensure that the Rancho Splitboard is as durable as they come. Specially designed inserts for mounting touring brackets, climbing heel brackets, and splitboard bindings make the Rancho incredibly easy to tour with. The board also comes with Salomon climbing skins and Karakoram clips.

The 2014 Salomon Rancho Splitboard is a great value splitboard. Buy it now and know no boundaries this winter.


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