Do you like to get buckwild on the mountain? If so, the 2014 Ride Buckwild Wide Snowboard is for you.

True to its name, the Buckwild is incredibly fun to ride. You’ll have fun and you’ll look so good doing it that everyone else will wish they had your board.

The Buckwild is an all-mountain snowboard designed to tear up just about anything the mountain can throw at you. The park, the pipe, and the backcountry all seem like tame, docile animals aboard the Ride Buckwild Wide Snowboard. Even rails can be lapped up with ease.

Twin rocker, medium flex, and a twin shape make the snowboard incredibly easy to ride. It has a playful and nimble feel that makes tearing around on it a blast. A stable flat area extends well past the rear inserts for more forgiveness and stability when things get sketchy. Cleave Edges wrap the entire board making cutting into ice or chop a cinch. They also improve the board’s overall durability.

The Ride Buckwild Wide Snowboard is a great choice for riders looking for a slightly bigger board than normal. Though it’s not necessarily the best bet for big dudes, it is great for regular-sized dudes that just have big feet. Add the 2014 Buckwild to your quiver and have a wild time on the mountain this winter.


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