Though winter is fast approaching and temperatures are just as quickly dropping, the hardcore surfers among us will stop at nothing to get the wave action that they so crave. And even though water temperatures are far lower than they are in the warmer months, the waves themselves can actually be bigger and better thanks to winter’s wild weather patterns.

But before anyone heads out and tries to surf a winter wave they had better make sure they’re prepared. Apart from a surfboard the single most important piece of equipment that you need for winter surfing is a warm wetsuit designed for cold conditions. And few companies make a better wetsuit than outdoor sports giant Patagonia.

The 2014 Patagonia R4 Wetsuit is the king of the company’s wetsuit line. Though it’s a bit pricey at over $600, it’s worth every penny.

Patagonia set out to make the 2014 R4 the first plant-based wetsuit ever. It uses all natural materials in its construction, including natural rubbers. To take things one step farther, the manufacturing process behind the wetsuit is almost entirely natural as well, using only naturally-growing plants that produce natural pesticides as biofuels.

In addition to its super rad eco appeal, the Patagonia R4 Wetsuit does a stellar job at protecting surfers from the elements. No surfer would look at you with the slightest hint of doubt if you said this baby is the warmest wetsuit on earth. The facts are in and it is. It features a heavyweight merino wool lining throughout, a full hood, and a water-tight chest zip. 100% external seam sealing eliminates any leakage. All of the materials are designed in such a way to provide the maximum in comfort, mobility, and durability.

If you’re planning on jumping in the ocean at all this fall or winter, then you need a wetsuit to accomplish the job. Buy the 2014 Patagonia R4 Wetsuit if you want the best of the best. You won’t be disappointed.


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