Are you that guy on the mountain that loves to spends most of his time at the park? If so, then the 2014 Niche Theme snowboard might just be for you.

It’s a twin-shaped board that absolutely rips in the park. Low-profile traditional camber paves the way for loads of pop and huge ollies. The camber is just right for launching off jumps both large and small and locks on like a charm when jibbing…enough pop to get onto obstacles but a mellow enough camber to keep things natural.

The Niche Theme snowboard features basalt fibers (replacing the traditional fiberglass). They make the board faster, stronger, lighter, and more durable. In addition, they are much better for the environment.

Staying close to its eco-friendly theme, the Niche Theme snowboard comes with snappy sap bio-resin. It’s a more elastic type of resin that has a higher-adhesion as well. Finally, a sustainable wood core, recycled steel edges, and recycled ABS sidewalls round the board out.

The 2014 Niche Theme snowboard dominates the park. It allows you to absolutely slay nearly any obstacle while remaining true to its eco-friendly roots. It’s a great snowboard and one of the most environmentally-friendly boards on the market.


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