Who knows why we are reviewing a surfboard in the middle of the winter except for the fact that the 2014 Lib Tech Ramp Series Surfboard is badass. It’s a 100% eco-friendly way to absolutely demolish waves.

Seriously though, the folks over at Lib Technologies are absolute mad geniuses. They’ve incorporated 30 new, environmentally-friendly materials into the construction of their Ramp Series Surfboard.

100% close-cell alloy forms the board’s core, making it waterproof and incapable of absorbing moisture. Wrapped around the core is Lib Tech’s Dang Difficult 2 Ding Honeycomb system providing industry-leading strength and ding resistance. The bottom of the board comprises of a Maximum Intensity Leading Foil Fin System and a Mo Box Micro adjustment system. To top things off the surfboard has an Elastomatrix Perimeter Dampening Web to help absorb chop and rough water.

The 2014 Lib Tech Ramp Series Surfboard is simply a great surfboard in every way. It is light, durable, and nimble. Its low rocker and short, wide shape give it a skateboard-like feel in the water. It’s a fun board that never gets old.


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