The last handful of weeks of summer are dwindling to a close and another much awesome season of snowboarding is waiting just around the corner. And every snowboarder knows that a new season on the mountain means a brand new selection of snowboards to choose from.

For our first 2014 snowboard review we’re going to take a look at one of Lib Tech’s hottest offerings. Truth be told, it really doesn’t get a whole lot better than a Lib Tech snowboard.

At just under $700, the Banana Magic HP 2014 edition is definitely one of the brand’s best 2014 sticks. Like all Lib Tech boards, it is fast, powerful, and perfect in just about any conditions.

The board is made with all basalt fibers (Lib Tech’s Volcanic Organic) and contains absolutely zero of the traditional fiberglass that goes into the construction of most boards. These unique, environmentally-friendly materials have been further tuned and tweaked to enhance the Banana Magic to all new levels of mysticism.

Of particular note is the Banana Magic HP’s absolutely stellar edge grip. It sticks well in nearly all conditions but is a particularly strong performer on hard-pack and ice. While the board will keep you from sliding out on an icy day, it also provides plenty of float in fresh powder. It is also more than at home in the park or on a freestyle run, thanks in large part to its Banana Tech rocker and camber.

If you’re looking to add another snowboard to your arsenal for 2014, then this Lib Tech offering is more than a good bet. Check out some of it’s top features below.

Key Features of the Lib Tech Banana Magic HP Snowboard:

  • Numerically Enhanced BTX
  • Magne-Traction
  • Horsepower construction
  • Columbian Gold Core
  • Basalt
  • Bio Beans sparkle topsheet
  • Power Transfer Internal sidewalls
  • UHMW External sidewalls
  • Co Sint / Sintered base
  • Flex: 6 – 7 (depending on size)


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